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Syndicate: Congress NEWROPEANS 2000 - Paris

Official Partners: Prometheus-Europe, French Presidency of the EU,
European Commission ñ Dialogue on Europe, Aegee-Europe, Aegee-Paris,
Financial Times, Rossmann Sa, Internet Society

Congress NEWROPEANS 2000 - Paris, 5-6-7 October 2000

Special offer for TIESLIST Subscribers/ valid only till 15th August 2000

(Associations/Institutions/Local authorities/Universities : 200 Euros EU
& OECD / 100 Euros others)

The number of available places is strictly limited.
Over 1.200 registrations already.

Newropeans 2000, a door wide open on XXIst century Europe.

The European construction brought 50 years of peace, prosperity, welfare
and progress.
But in order to continue to play this role in the coming decades, EU
must face major challenges:
* Integrating technological progress and the Internet revolution
* Setting up the bases of a common democracy
* Building tomorrowís institutions
* Preparing its human resources to a new world
* Organising the relations with its neighbours
* Deciding upon its role worldwide in the XXIst century.

This future can only be invented all together, by gathering ideas and
energies while getting rid of the barrieres between nations, sectors and
generations. Such is the ambition of Newropeans 2000.

. Newropeans 2000, that is 5 congresses in 1 :
- The EU : a major actor of globalisation in the XXIst century
(+Transatlantic Focus)
- Managing a Europe of 500 million Euro-Citizens
- Placing man at the heart of tomorrowís Europe
[the feminists will like this one ... ; ab]
- Security, limits and neighbourhood in Europe by 2020
- Preparing human resources to tomorrowís Europe (+Transatlantic focus)

. Newropeans 2000, that is also over 2,000 participants :
- 800 professionals of Europe : companies, administrations,
universities, associations,..
- 1000 students and youngsters aged under 25
- 300 European political and economic decision-makers
- 100 journalists

Newropeans 2000, an unavoidable opportunity to

* Listen to decisive speeches
By those personalities who make todayís political and economic Europe
and prepare that of tomorrow

* Push forward your ideas
Realize projects, formalize leads for tomorrowís Europe

* Meet with those who will make this Europe of the coming decades
With professionals from all over Europe, with the big networks and with
the growing generations.

Newropeans 2000, a unique European event :

 - Prestigious organisors and partners : Prometheus-Europe, French
Presidency of the EU, European Commission,, AEGEE-Europe, Internet
Society,, Rossmann S.A., Financial Times, CNRS,
Transnational Consulting, Europe 2020, Growth Plus, Tiesweb, North
American Student Forum, Ã?

- Top-ranking patronages and speakers : Jacques Chirac, Lionel Jospin,
Romano Prodi, Nicole Fontaine, Jean-Claude Juncker, Javier Solana,,
Michel Barnier, Pierre Moscovici, Michaele Schreyer, Frans Fishler,
Hubert VÃ?drine, Vaclav Havel, Elisabeth Guigou, Jean Glavany, Dick
Benschop, Jack Lang, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, Charles Josselin, Ã?

In order to take part to the event, to prepare XXIst century Europe, to
push forward your ideas and meet with those who will make tomorrowís
Europe, you can enter the Newropeans dynamics by a simple click on :

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