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Syndicate: live broadcast from Wired and dangerous conferen

Moon Radio are continuing their beta testing of live broadcast technology
(funded by the Arts Council of England and EMMI).

Two days of web broadcast will take place on Tuesday 25th July and Wednesday
25th July as part of the Wired and Dangerous conference, the last in a
series of conferences entitled Get Wired.

To view the live broadcast go to:  www.getwired.org.uk
You will need Real Player.

Moon Radio welcomes feedback on the quality of the broadcasts to support
their research into the development of a regular broadcast channel for
contemporary new work.

The broadcasts:
Day 1, 25 July:
10.30  Matt Ragowsky

11-11.30 Terry Braun, Braunarts
Keynote: The Creative Process and the impact of technology

2-2.45 Jack Ox, Co-Editor, Leonardo
Artist: Visualization of music

3.30  Frank Abbott (digital performance artist)

Day 2, 26 July:
11.00 Bill Bigg (performance artist)

12-12.45 Olu Taiwo
Speaker: The body as Journal, the mobile studio practice

1.30 Sarah Thom (performance artist)

2-3.00 The Big Debate
The Big Discussion:
-  Artists and Commissioners
- Artists and  Commercial World:
Chair: Andrew Chetty
Panel: Janet Jennings (Lovebytes), Rita Keegan, Juliet Robson, Louise Palmer
(Digital Disco), Mark Murphy, Carrie Carruthers CDC/Junction

The sessions will be netcast live and also be available as archive material
to view later.

You can join in the chat by following the links on the get wired website or

Active Ingredient
AI Design
t.  0115 9526060
a.  Production Office 1
     Broadway, 14 - 18 Broad St
     Hockley, Nottingham NG1 3AL

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