Lisa Haskel on Fri, 14 Jul 2000 18:08:25 +0000

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Syndicate: timebaseTV: live now and all weekend

Streaming NOW! on timebase TV
OS99 video and found sound mix

Watch out for us all weekend:

A homegrown streaming mix from Timebase in Hull... watch out for videos
by Hull Time Based Arts members, live sounds and performance, talk-shop
with Hull Community Radio, "Black Boy TV" - live from the Black Boy pub
over the road and many more sights and sounds defiltered by HTBA and
live streamed with the addition and assistance of Backspace, Rachel
Baker and elab.

Highlights include:
GirM - Premiere of a new video by advertising their new,
Genetically Modified food range

Pretty Colours - 2 day video project by Martijn, Mark and Rianne,
visitors from the art acadamy in Rotterdam

Live links from Gillian Dyson

Black Boy TV  (named from the pub over the road from here) - live chat
with Hull's best company.

Chat with us tomorrow at

Timebase TV is part of the tech_nicks touring programme of workshops,
presentations and information exchange.  check us out:
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