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Syndicate: Last Call for Contributions/ Videonetwork EuroVision2000

Last Call for EuroVision2000
a temporary European "Local TV" net

Call for contributions!

Eurovision2000 is looking for video and filmproductions concerning 
the effects of new economies, border production, Schengenland and 
migration issues.
Please send your project proposal for a production till 15th of July, 
or send a already existing video or filmcontribution till 15th of 
August 2000 to Labor k3000!

The Concept of EuroVision2000

EuroVision2000 developed from 'MoneyNationsTV'. A project which 
started in 1998 as part of the wider framework of 
'MoneyNations@access', which evolved in Shedhalle Zurich. One of the 
central concepts of 'MoneyNationsTV' was the direct exchange of 
reports, documentations, personal experiences and narrations around 
the issue of the current redefinition of Europe and its 
socio-economic transformation.
These theoretical and socio-political perspectives were shared by 
filmmakers, artists and theorists from Middle, Central and Southeast 
Europe. The productions resulting from this focussed on new border 
constructions in Europe, on migration, the social and political 
effects of Neo-Liberalism, informal economies and the function of art 
and culture in the course of the reconfiguration of Eastern Europe. 
More detailed information on 'MoneyNations@access' and 
'MoneyNationsTV' can be found online under
The aim of EuroVision is to expand the existing network of 
independent film producers and media activists, and to link it with 
locally, socially and culturally involved groups and people in the 
Café9 partner cities.
The 'MoneyNationsTV' network has already established contacts with 
artists, film producers and activists in France, Italy, 
Ex-Yugoslavia, Kosova, Bulgaria, Rumania, the Czech Republic, 
Austria, Germany, Norway, and Switzerland.
EuroVision2000 will take another look at the topics which were 
central to MoneyNationsTV. This includes the economic, social and 
cultural transformation of Europe, the many-sided, but sometimes 
contradictory, transformation in whole of Europe as well as of the 
former Eastern Block and it's consequences with regard to personal 
biographies, informal economies and migration, as well as racism, 
which is increasing in the whole of Europe.
The adaptation and normalisation processes that accompany the 
political and economic orientation towards accession to the EU 
trigger off a whole series of societal and social changes in 
every-day life in the countries of the former Eastern Block. They 
also cause new exclusions of different kinds, depending on the 
individual country. This affects not only the many-sided, and often 
contradictory, adaptation processes of (Western) European culture, 
which is defined as global culture, but also the reconstitution of a 
new national identity and the social exclusions which result from 
this. Additionally, old (gender) orders are reintroduced.

Call for Contributions of Video and Film Programmes for EuroVision2000!

All artists, film producers, activists, theorists and other groups or 
individuals who have already worked on EuroVision2000 topics as laid 
out above, or who plan such productions, are invited to participate 
in the EuroVision2000 network.
Please send us videos or films on VHS/pal tapes, together with the 
usual information on authors and participants, as well as a short 
description of content. Also include full address, e-mail address and 
details of the relevant bank account.
Language: In principle productions are possible in any language. 
However, since the productions are distributed to 7 different 
countries, English subtitles are almost indispensable. All short 
descriptions of the videos and films should be in English, since the 
website will be exclusively in English.
Fees / remuneration: We aim to pay a remuneration of least 50 Euros 
for all contributions that become part of the programme. This will, 
however, depend on the success of the fundraising.
Copyright rules: All copyrights will remain with the authors and 
artists. EuroVision2000 will show the videos in the framework of 
programme blocks in the various Café9 locations, and will include 
low-resolution copies in the on-line archive. New negotiations will 
take place with authors, artists and their distribution 
representatives respectively with regard to any further use of the 
material. This could be, for instance, for the production of a 
EuroVision2000 compilation tape, further screenings outside Café9 
localities, or for broadcasting on local, national or European TV 
All EuroVision2000 network participants will automatically be added 
to the EuroVision2000 mailing list ( and receive 
all information concerning the further development of the 
EuroVision2000 project, as well as the latest news on Café9. In this 
way they will also be able to participate actively in future 
discussions and decision-making.
Dates and Locations of EuroVision2000

EuroVision2000 will take place in September 2000 at Café9 locations 
in Prague, Bologna, Avignon, Brussels, Bergen, Reykjavik and 
Helsinki, and on the internet under

Organisation and Responsibilities of EuroVision2000

Café9 will be responsible of the over-all coordination of the 
project, and the technical infrastructure of the various locations, 
as well as the creation and the hosting of the website.
The coordination team, consisting of Jennifer de Felice (Prague), 
Marion von Osten (Berlin), Peter Spillmann (Zurich) and Susanna Perin 
(Rome), will be responsible for the topic-related content development 
and the establishment of the local teams. Local production teams will 
develop, organise and produce their own specific programmes in the 
various Café9 cities.
Café9 provides the space and infrastructure for the independent 
EuroVision2000 project. Café9 is a joint venture between the cities 
of Avignon, Brussels, Bergen, Bologna, Helsinki, Prague and 
Reykjavik, i.e. seven of the new European Cities of Culture of this 
year. Its aims are to build a network-based forum for socially and 
culturally involved artists, media activists and other interested 
groups in Europe, in order to realise joint projects in the various 
Cities of Culture and enable an exchange.  More information about 
Café9 can be obtained under

c/o Labor k3000
Schöneggstr. 5
CH - 8004 Zurich
0041 1 291 30 40


c/o Jennifer de Felice
Centrum pro soucasné umení
Jelení 9
CZ - 11800 Praha 1
Czech Republic
0042 02 2437 3178
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