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Syndicate: announcement: CLUB.NL . Dubrovnik . contemporary art and art initiatives from the Netherlands

CLUB.NL announcement

contemporary art and art initiatives from the Netherlands

work in situ by 30 artists + art initiatives + DJ's + VJ's + T[theory]J's
incl. another 100+ artworks

August 20 - 30
Dubrovnik, Croatia, Karantena 4 festival, ARL / Otok gallery

site-specific installations . video . performances . radio program . party
. round table - networkmania . mini FM transmissions . audio streaming .
vacations .

highlight -> collective artwork created in the flux of dance partys
August 25 / 26 / 27 >>> last weekend in August >>> from 23 h ->

curators: Ademir Arapovic . Darko Fritz . Nienke Vijlbrief

contact: Vesna Mitrovic
e-mail: <art-lazareti@du.tel.hr>
tel / fax: ++.385.20. 423497

more info at temporary page:

new web page will be announced

this program is made with help by Mondrian Fond - Amsterdam, Prins Bernhard
Fond - Amsterdam, Apexchanges - Amsterdam, Croatia Airlines - Zagreb /
Amsterdam, ARL - Dubrovnik, Netherlands Embassy - Zagreb and lot of
individual effort by participating artists and people behind art initiatives
. thanx to all of them .

Darko Fritz
Sincere apologies for cross-postings.
if you don't like to receive further info on CLUB.NL please send an e-mail
to: fritz.d@chello.nl

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