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Sent: Monday, July 10, 2000 9:24 PM
Subject: New art magazine

> The Centre of Attention Magazine is a new magazine curated in association
with the gallery. The magazine provides an exhibition space for artists, a
platform for contemporary writing and a forum for response, criticism and
reaction to art.
> This first edition is a group show with 33 artists participating and
responding to either the theme of magazine, portraiture or found image. The
magazine is also a limited edition art object (50 copies only at 50 pounds
each) and is on show at the Centre of Attention gallery and on the website:
> Contributing artists:
> Jo Addison, Fiona Banner, Franko B, Paul Eachus, Nooshin Farhid, Tim
Flitcroft, Piers Jamson, Sam Jones, Annis Joslin, Calum Kerr, Wawa Kosugi,
Reuben Lane, James Lowne, Josie McCoy, Anne Molleskov, Tracey Murkett, Gary
O'Dwyer, Dave Pop, Richard Powley,  Merete Ravn, Catherine Rive, Dallas
Seitz, Catherine Shea, Christopher Steele, Andrew Stewart, Emily Sunblad,
the Sunday conceptualist, Sam Trickett, Trix, Emily Wanger, Emily Wardill,
Cary Weaver, Frida Yngstrom.
> Thank you also to Art Monthly for their support
> Orders, information or pictures, please contact Pierre or Gary on (44) 20
7729 0699

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