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Syndicate: PEACE public art installation launch

Date: Fri, 07 Jul 2000 16:30:34 +0100
From: Dan Pinchbeck <>
Subject: PEACE public art installation launch

*** apologies for cross posting ***

PEACE (Public Electronic Art Commission Exposition)

July - October 2000
Launches Saturday 29th July at 1pm
Queen Victoria Square, Hull, East Yorkshire

VOICE OVER - Alberto Duman & David Cotterrell
"We stopped our activity & we stood silent... for a moment we
experienced peace"

Using a shift in sound to create a non-physical experiential space. A
temporary, anti-structural digital installation for open perceptual
experience and exploration of an urban setting.

A major new work for the city of Hull.


PEACE (Public Electronic Art Commission Exposition) is a Hull Time Based
Arts commission, launched last year by Desmond Tutu. The launch of the
project is a centrepiece of the city's Wilberforce Day celebrations.

VOICE OVER uses digital technology housed within a minimal structure to
alter the ambient noise of Hull's city centre. The launch will be
accompanied with an exhibition of the process of making the work at Hull
Time Based Arts premises, Timebase.

Alberto Duman and David Cotterrell work together as the public art
collective PULSE.

Once in place, VOICE OVER will remain in Queen Victoria Square until the
end of October.

For more information, contact

Dan Pinchbeck
Marketing Manager
Hull Time Based Arts
Timebase, 42 High Street, Hull, HU1 1PS
tel: 01482 216446
fax: 01482 589952
mobile: 07939 845864

PULSE contact:

Alberto Duman
David Cotterrell
Unit a, 3rd Floor, 28 Shacklewell Lane
Dalston, London E8 2EZ
tel: 0207 503 6130/6140
fax: 0207 503 6090

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