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From: "cesta" <cesta@mbox.vol.cz>

Long Ago and Far Ahead 
Fusions of Tradition and Unconvention 
CESTA's sixth annual Arts Festival of Cross-national 
Interdisciplinary Collaborations 
August 24 - August 28, 2000 
CESTA, Cultural Exchange Station in Tabor, Czech Republic

Amongst many other questions, we ask:
What role does invention play in traditional and native art?
How can experimental art admit its roots and still invent?
What common languages can or do pasts and futures use? 
Festival preliminary program (performances, exhibitions, 
Group 1
Jiri Dobes (CZ)- movement/performance
Sergej Kotov (RUS)- music

Group 2
Die Audio Gruppe:- dance, sound installation
Benoit Maubrey (USA/F), Irina Kornejewa, Kristin Megner, Katja 
Rotzoll (D), Hugo de Carvalho (Brazil), Gerrit de Vries (NL)

Group 3
Jens Brand (D)- "ratchet works" music installation
Sam Ashley (USA)- vocal technique, music, theater

Group 4
Blunt: -video, theater
Biliana Velkova (BG), Barbara Prokop (A/CAN), Larissa Fassler 
(CAN), Naomi Potter (E/CAN)

Group 5
Voices of Water: - earth, water, stone, fiber/multimedia installation, 
performance, ceramics, sound
Gail Tremblay (Native American [Onondaga, MicMac]/USA), Lillian 
Pitt (Native American [Warm Springs/Yakama/Wasco Tribe]/USA 
Shi Hui, Li Xiuqin (China), Betsy Damon (USA), Imna Arroyo 
(Puerto Rico)

Group 6
Chris Mann (USA)- language arts
Oksana Chepelyk (UKR)- video

Group 7
Sven Eggers (D)- installation
In Signum: - encaustic painting, ceramics
Antonin and Katerina Gavlasovi (CZ)
Brandon Labelle (USA) - music

Group 8
Tonton Macoutes: - dance, music
Alex Svamberk, Pavel Hlavaty, Jaromir Linhart, Miroslav Posejpal 
Hideko Kawamoto (JAP) - music
Claudia Schmid (CH) - installation/environment

Group 9
ZIMA: - music
Tomas Kontautas, Tomas Misiunas, Margarita Kazakeviciute, 
Saulius Drunga, Virginija Gailiunaite (LT) 
Philippe Maurais (CAN) - mechanical and electronic sculpture

Group 10
RE-PLACE: -painting, photography, sculpture 
Levente Selek, Eniko Soos, Andrea Bako, Angela Kallo, Michaela 
Tatulescu, Lazar Felician Morcan (RO)
Michael Schumacher (USA) - music

Group 11
Andrea Polli (USA) - performance/installation
George Cremaschi (USA) - music
Abdelali Dahrouch (MOR/USA) - painting, video, sound

Novakova 387, Tabor 39001, Czech Republic
tel: +420-361-258-004
email: cesta@mbox.vol.cz
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