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Syndicate: Borderline Syndrome Conferen

Friday, 7 July and Saturday, 8 July 2000
Cankarjev dom, Cultural and Congress Centre; Presernova 10, Ljubljana

Theoreticians, artists, psychoanalysts and art critics from Great Britain,
USA, France, Austria, Israel and Slovenia will gather at the international
conference of Manifesta 3 to discuss the topic of "Borderline Syndrome".
10 am opening
10.15 Adrian Rifkin "Dejected Masculinities: Mattia Preti and the Promises
of Pain"
11.30 Robert Pfaller "The Game, the Border, and the Art"
14.30 Genevieve Morel "Joyce and the Extension of the Symptom"
15.45 Parveen Adams "Turning Oneself into a Picture"
18.00 Fredric Jameson "From Metaphor to Allegory"
20.00 reception, party

10.00 am Renata Salecl "The Art of War and the War of Art"
11.15 Henrietta Moore "Art and the Social"
12.30 Mark Cousins "Policing the Border of Art"
17.00	film by Ariella Azoulay "A Sign from Heaven"
18.00	lecture by the author, discussion

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