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Date: Mon, 03 Jul 2000 22:14:17 -0200

Transitions Online (TOL) ( is the leading Internet
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This month's IN FOCUS package:


The post-communist world is no stranger to the craze. But while the
West is grappling with the nuances of Internet law or the finer logistics
of online shopping, the East is battling against communist-style censorship
and surveillance, and the bumbling bureaucracies of state-run telecoms. In
addition to the following features, an overview compiled by TOL's editorial
staff, "The Cyber Challenge," (
provides vital Internet stats and a brief overview for most of the region's
countries. And check each Monday throughout the month as TOL posts more
Internet-related stories.

IN FOCUS: Government vs. Geeks
by Andrej Krickovic

The bluejean-clad youngsters at Iskon got what every Internet start-up
dreams about: An investor with deep pockets. When a U.S. company pumped $5
million into the Zagreb-based service provider, it turned the company into
a major player overnight. And at the same time presented a serious
challenge to the state-owned telecom monopoly.

IN FOCUS: Neither Here, Nor There
by Polia Tchakarova

Bulgaria has come a long way in a short time -- especially in the
cyber-world. Still, the government is trying to maintain a delicate
balance: Letting the Internet realize burgeoning consumer demand while
keeping its monopoly on communication lines. How far Bulgaria's Internet
growth and e-commerce dreams can develop will depend on how the government
decides the question of fair competition. Accompanying this piece is a
sidebar by Boyan Gyuzelev looking at how, with the saturation of the U.S
and Western European Internet markets, Bulgaria could be one of the next
countries in the region to attract the big bucks.

IN FOCUS: Changing the Rules
by Jen Tracy

As the world continues to forge a new electronic frontier, governments East
and West are attempting to control the Internet by bypassing established
laws and constitutional provisions. While the West champions sly
technological sophistication, the East leads the way in good, old-fashioned

IN FOCUS: Despots vs. the Internet
by Yerlan Askarbekov

The Internet has just about as many enemies as it does friends, and Central
Asian governments are showing themselves to be some of its most odious
adversaries around. When not banned, the Internet in Central Asia is
heavily monitored and used by the powers that be for spreading propaganda
and crushing opposition. Service providers readily cooperate with
authorities to control the Internet, and there are few willing to head the
crusade against censorship.

compiled by our correspondents throughout the region

Russian doctrine challenges U.S. dominance ... At least 41 killed in
Russian truck bombings ... Ex-Communists win in Mongolia with landslide
victory ...  Azerbaijan pardons 87 political prisoners ... Abkhazia
conflict nearer to settlement  ... Life-long powers for Kazakhstan's first
president ...  Swiss promise $1.2 million to Tajikistan ...  Turkmen give
cold shoulder to free trade ... Montenegro apologizes to Croatia for war
crimes ...  Romania decriminalizes homosexuality in private places ...
Vodka in danger of extinction in Belarus? ...



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