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JOHN DUNCAN "Tap Internal" (Touch, UK) CD $14.99

A revealing and occasionally brutal glimpse into the soul of industrial
power-electronics after the style of Merzbow. "Have you ever asked yourself
'What is the sound of energy?' John Duncan has been trying for years to
explain the composition of matter through sound, and not everyone can
understand this -- but once the door is opened everything suddenly becomes
easy. 'Tap Internal' is beautiful and, in classic Duncan style, cruel -- in
that it puts you in contact with our deepest psyche and lays it bare,
turning the auricular membrane inside out, leaving an indelible mark of new
frequencies that are beautiful to abandon yourself to. But watch out: just
at the moment of hypnosis the scenario is completely convoluted and the
sound becomes coarse and varied, cuts the air and tries to attack. The
nightmare begins again, and once more the listener is forced to change his
attitude, define a new reaction to the input. The beauty and uniqueness of
Duncan's music is fully captured in this continuous change of situations,
dynamics, sounds and emotions which is the microscopic photography of life
itself." --Massimo Ricci. One harrowing 47-minute track. The squeamish need
not apply. [JG]

This week's newsletter scribes: Tom Capodanno [TC], Robin Edgerton [RE],
Jeff Gibson [JG], Andrew Leigh [AL], Josh Madell [JM], Jeremy Sponder [JS],
Phil Waldorf [PW], Joshua Zucker [JZ].

Thanks for reading.
-all of us at Other Music

15 E. 4th Street
New York, NY 10003

TAP INTERNAL also included in "VOLUME: Bed of Sound"
P.S. 1
New York, NY
2 July - 15 September, 2000
Curated by Alana Heiss and Elliott Sharp

            John Duncan

            Tel: +39.0432.723041
            Fax: +39.0432.723936
            Scrutto 48  ..  33040 San Leonardo (UD)  ..  ITALIA

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