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> From: Isast <>
> Subject: Book Series

> Leonardo Book Series
> >>
> >>The mission of the Leonardo Book Series, published by the MIT Press, is
> >>publish texts by artists, scientists, researchers and scholars that
> >>innovative discourse on the convergence of art, science and technology.
> >>Envisioned as a catalyst for enterprise, research and creative and
> >>scholarly experimentation, the book series enables diverse intellectual
> >>communities to explore common grounds of expertise.  The Leonardo Book
> >>Series provides for the contextualization of contemporary practice,
> >>and frameworks represented by those working at the intersection of art
> >>science.
> >>
> >>Book proposals addressing theory, research and practice, education,
> >>historical scholarship, discipline summaries, collections, and
> >>texts will be considered.
> >>
> >>Submission Guidelines:
> >>
> >>In preparing your proposal, bear in mind that we need to know as much as
> >>possible about your book, including its scope, its intended audience,
> >>information on how you think we could best promote the book to that
> >>audience. We also need to be convinced that you can present what you
> >>to say in a way that will be useful, interesting and important to your
> >>readers.
> >>
> >>Your proposal should include the following four items:.
> >>
> >>I. A prospectus describing your intentions.
> >>
> >>II. A detailed table of contents.
> >>
> >>III. Two to four sample chapters that demonstrate the clarity and
> >>of your prose and the appeal of your expository strategy.
> >>
> >>IV. An up-to-date curriculum vita or resumé.
> >>
> >>Inquiries and proposals can be submit to:.
> >>
> >>
> >>Joel Slayton, Chair
> >>Leonardo Book Series Committee
> >>c/o LEONARDO
> >>425 Market Street, 2nd Floor
> >>San Francisco, CA  94105
> >>U.S.A.
> >>E-mail: <>
> >>

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