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Syndicate: Tate celebrate the launch of online art programm


Tonight, Tate celebrate the launch of commisioned works by:



Simon Patterson

Tuesday 27 June 2000, 18.30 (BST)


The first web art project commissioned by Tate is online.  Uncomfortable
Proximity by Harwood@Mongrel takes the format of
an alternative version of the Tate website. The second commission, Le Match
des couleurs, is a sound and image work by Simon Patterson which will go
online on 12 July. Both can be visited at http://www.tate.org.uk  and will
be online until 30 June 2001.

Uncomfortable Proximity has the appearance of the Tate website in design and
layout and has parallel subsections. However, new images have been inserted
and texts have been altered to offer an alternative, often witty or
challenging, history of Tate and the Tate Collection. In this work the
artist collages together his personal responses to the Collection and
reflections on the history of the Tate Britain site. The work is launched in
a separate window which sits behind the Tate website, emphasising its
parallel position.

Le Match des couleurs features a recording of Radio France 1's football
commentator Eugène Sacomano, reading the football results of all the teams
who have ever played in the French Football League. He goes on to give each
team a colour value based on the Hexadecimal Equivalent colour system used
on the internet. Le Match des couleurs is based on Patterson's earlier sound
work Color Match 1997, in which BBC results announcer Tim Gudgin reads a
list of English football teams and a text based on the code numbers of
Pantone Colors* - an international colour standard used by printers and
designers. In Color Match, Patterson wanted to 'create a continuous visual
spectrum by aural means alone'. This new work restores the visual component
by putting the colours on screen.

Harwood (founding member of Mongrel with Yokokoji, Pierre-Davis and Mervin
Jarman), born 1960, has been making interactive and digital works since the
late 1980s, both as an artist and educationalist. Mongrel recently won the
Clarks Digital Bursary and the Imaginaria Award, and has been included in
numerous international exhibitions featuring new media and was recently
included in the Net Condition exhibition at ZKM in Karslruhe.

Simon Patterson, born 1967, has been exhibiting since the late 1980s. In his
best known work, The Great Bear 1992 he removed the names of stations from
the London Underground map and inserted new names including those of movie
stars, saints, philosophers and other well-known personalities. Patterson's
'sly substitutions' break down the rigidity of fixed systems and known
truths, expanding the world of alternate possibilities. He was shortlisted
for the Turner Prize in 1996 and has recently shown at Project 70 at the
Museum of Modern Art, New York.

The Tate website has grown to be amongst the most successful of museum sites
in the world, with access now being taken up from more than 140 countries.
Sixty-six million hits were recorded during 1999 and in May alone this year
over twenty-two million hits were registered.

Alongside these new works, Tate has commissioned critical texts online from
the writer Matthew Fuller. Shake Editions recently published his book, ATM.

For further press information please contact:
Nadine Thompson/Ben Luke
Tate Press Office
SW1 London, UK

Call: 44 (0) 20 7887 8730/1/32
Fax: 44 (0) 20 7887 8729
e-mail nadine.thompson@tate.org.uk  or


<london + amsterdam>

mob. +31 6 25003174

ph: + 44 (0) 20 74015066

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