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Syndicate: Presentation of the Interpol book in Ljubljana

IRWIN, Moscow Art Magazin ter urednika vas vabijo na prestavitev nove

IRWIN, Moscow Art Magazin and editors would like to invite you to the
presentation of the new book

The Art Exhibition Which Divided East and West

Uredila / Edited  by
Eda Cufer & Viktor Misiano

Predstavitev bo v soboto 24. junija ob 18.00 v klubu Egoeast, Metelkova
0, Ljubljana (biv?a vratarnica voja?nice)

The presentation will take place on Saturday June 24 at 18.00 in the
club Egoeast, Metelkova 0, Ljubljana (very close to the exhibition place

of the Arteast 2000+ collection)

Today, Interpol is known mostly as the project where Alexander Brener
destroyed the work of art of Wenda Gu and where Oleg Kulik performed a
dog. And according to his role bit the spectators at the opening and, of
course, ended at the police station. Apart from this, Interpol is also
famous for an open letter, a document of protest, that some participants
of the project, the so-called ?Western side,? wrote against the attitude
of the members of the so-called Eastern side, and sent it to the world?s
art community. So in the art world Interpol is probably also known as
the paradigmatic East-West issue project. How boring! The paradox,
however, is that when we, who created this project and participated at
it, finally leaving aside what came out of it, try to reconstruct the
narrative of what happened, inevitably have to conclude that our stories
are different, that our memory is unreliable, that there is no simple
solution to the problem.  This book is a collection of essays initiated
by the Interpol project.

More available on


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