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Syndicate: [Fwd: Ethics and Visuality: Seminar and Conference]

(Hope this isn't a repost! d)
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The Philosophy Department of Pécs University (Pécs, Hungary), the Civic
Education Project (New Haven, NJ & Budapest, Hungary) and the Research
Group for Contemporary Art Theory, ELTE (Budapest, Hungary)
are organizing a joint seminar and conference on 

Ethics and Visuality: Constructing Social Space 

to be held between June 4 - 7, 2000 at Pécs University.

The seminar and the conference will reflect on the ethical aspects of the
ways visual culture shapes our social space. By social space we mean
physical spaces, cultures which produce and use them, and social
interactions which take place in them. We also think that visual culture
plays a crucial role in the formation of identities within these spaces
both on the social and on the individual level.

The lectures and the papers will discuss ethical considerations concerning
visuality both within and outside the artworld. We are also interested in
reflections on the responsibility of the producers of artworks and their
mediators for the community. (See e.g. the controversy around the Sensation
exhibition in the Brooklyn Museum of Art last fall. See
Although the interpretable works range from artistic to commercial and
family images, we are especially interested in artworks which acknowledge
and/or explore their own political, cultural, moral, and intellectual

The seminars (each morning between 9:30 and 12:30) will be held by
Professor Douglas Crimp (Dept. Art and Art History, University of
Rochester, NY) and will consist of a lecture and a follow-up discussion.
The seminars are open only for accepted participants.

The conference (each afternoon, except June 7, between 14:30 and 18:00)
will have three papers (20 min.) each day and follow-up discussions. The
conference is open for the university community and the general public.
Both the seminar and the conference will use English as official language.

If you are interested in presenting a paper, please send your abstract by
February 14, 2000. If you are interested in attending the seminars, please
send an application specifying your background and your reasons for wanting
to participate. A limited amount of grants covering accommodation, food and
travelling expenses within Hungary are available for participants from
Central - and East-Europe and the former Soviet Union.

All abstracts, applications and inquiries should be sent to

Katalin Tímár
Research Group for Contemporary Art History Theory, ELTE
H-1137 Budapest, Pozsonyi út 33/a
(36-1) 349-4839 (v/f)


Attila Horányi
Civic Education Project - Eastern Scholar
University of Pécs, Department of Philosophy 
H-7624 Pécs, Ifjúság útja 6.
(36-1) 201-5650 (v/f)

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