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Syndicate: Fwd: : CYBERFEMMY Award

>Date: Sat, 26 Feb 2000 13:42:17 +0100
>From: Cornelia Sollfrank <>
>Subject: CYBERFEMMY Award

>>After announcing the first annual SFMOMA Webby Prize for Excellence in
>>Online Art, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA) and the
>>International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences (IADAS) have created
>>additional award, the CYBERFEMMY. As the
>>SFMOMA Webby Prize for Excellence in Online Art aims to honor the
>>innovative work of net artists of all kinds, the CYBERFEMMY is adressed
>>especially to projects with an explicit cyberfeminist orientation.
>>Named for the fastest growing community on the net, the cyberfeminist
>>movement, the CYBERFEMMY Award will be given each year to an individual
>>demonstrating unique vision and commitment to the transformation of the
>>culture through cyberfeminist intervention.
>>An increasing number of women is working in the field of new technologies,
>>creating the cultural framing of the digital medium as an experimental
>>area. The broad field of cyberfeminism structures a collective laboratory
>>of artistic, scientific and political tactics. The CYBERFEMMY Award has
>>been put up to recognize and encourage
>>cyberfeminist activities in the on-line medium around the world.
>>The SFMOMA CYBERFEMMY Award for innovative cyberfeminist work will offer
>>20,000 to a woman artist, woman theorist or woman activist (or a group)
>>a body of work whose primary focus is to be experienced on-line and that
>>explores and expands the distinctive capacity of the on-line medium.
>>Winners will have their work exhibited in a special women only ""
>>on SFMOMA's new online gallery site, to be launched in mid-February 2000.
>>The call for entries will open February 21 and close March 14, 2000.
>>Winners will be announced, together with the winners of the The WEBBY
>>Awards 2000, on May 11 in San Francisco. For more information on
>>and entry procedures please mail to:
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