olga on Thu, 24 Feb 2000 23:43:53 +0100

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Re: [Fwd: Re: Syndicate: runet - interview with olia lialina]

Dea friends! The guestions which were arised in interview with OLia Lialina I see as very important to discuss: about borders in Internet etc. As Slovan speaking (Ukrainian, Russian, Polish and now some Czech) I face this problem when want get inform net-activists from eastern europe about something. We had discussing on it on alter- ee list where western and eastern net-ativist on the common list of discussion faced with this problem. Any  kind of infor-stuff which I am sending for Russian speakingactivists push westerns feel scary about strange coding which they would like to avoid somehow or even angry. There were even such proposition like devided a list into two sub-alter-ee for Russion and English speaking activists which is nonsense  of course.I see this big problem of limiting people in getting certain information because some of them never will get know English well if they want: absent of everyday conversation is big problem in the east. And I don't see reason push them much for it. I don't want wait for moment when they will learn English because I know that they are great people and I want see them in communication. But here realy a problem that today on artists or political scene always the same people who speaking good English and keep all good contacts for themself, participating in the going events all the time and it's becoming relly boring. In Tusovka project (htmp://www.savanne.ch/welcome.en.html) we manage somehow have to language *English and Russian in the same time which could help get content of newspaper for both group of readers not give them problem face with language barrier. But it's took a lot time translate everything into two language. We want have English/Russian mailing list but I still don't se how do it comfortable for everybody. Payment for internet is very important issue here. In CZ for  for istance payment for intrnet is as payment for local phone call and it's very expensive due to the fact that Telecom has a monopoly in the country. Summ is about 100-150 Dm for month for phone is nosense for me because in Kiev I never even thought about it as important to look at. So it's can be a barrier to allowed strange encoding text come to you account if you not understand it but which somebody else(Russian speaking person) need to see on the list. Only what I am not agree  with Olia that dealing with encoding is so  complicate. In contrary of Olia writing in Russian by latin letter very irritated for me. It's much more easy switch on on original keabord which not a problem to install. KOI-8 encoding which serves internet program is best option for it.I also would be happy to add some stuff on ukrainian side because it's even more interesting to look how net artists managable should be in order to deal with Cirilic (there are plenty of encoding inside it as well because of absent common agreemement between programists in the east) + English if they want to share with other world who has problem with Cirilic. I will send more later investigation compare with Russian story later....Best, Olga (Tabor)