Green Pepper on Thu, 24 Feb 2000 11:46:49 +0100

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green pepper in Croatia

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Subject: green pepper in Croatia
From: "Green Pepper" <>
Date: Thu, 24 Feb 2000 11:46:49 +0100
Organization: European Youth For(est) Action

The new issue of the Green Pepper magazine is out. The theme is 
the media, alternative media versus mainstream media. 32 intense 
pages of articles, graphics, calls to action, news, reports (WTO, 
Praha 2000, Buy Nothing Day versus Steal Something Day, 
etc....). The magazine is in english and costs 4 ecos.

It 's now possible to get the Green Pepper in your country. You 
have to contact:

You & Me distro 
Teo Petricevic
Po Box 18
40315 Mursko Sredisce
Phone: (385) 40543028

Oliver Sertic
c/o Attack
Vukovarska 237 c/II
10000 Zagreb
Phone: (385) 1 6158711

Here is the list of Green Pepper distributors at this time.... Make 
sure your friends around the world are aware of this new possibility 
about getting the Green Pepper in their own country. Green Pepper 
is still looking for new distributors of course... 

Ecoresistance, Mogilev, Belarus
La Zone, Liege, Belgium
For Mother Earth, Gent, Belgium
Borislav Arapchev, Plovdiv, Bulgaria
You and Me distro, Mursko Sredisce, Croatia
Oliver Sertic, Attack, Zagreb, Croatia
Zeme Predevsim!, Praha, Czech Republic
Zelena Distribuce, Dvur Kralove Nad Labem, Czech Republic
Instinct Distribution, Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic
Maloka, Dijon, France
Ilaria Senatore, Napoli, Italy
So Glava Niz Zid, Skopje, Makedonia
Fort Van Sjakoo, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Antinuclear Resistance, Voronezh, Russia
Slobodna Alternativa, Bratislava, Slovakia
KUD Anarhiv, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Pssst?, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Miran Rusjan, Solkan, Slovenia
Ateh Hirsizi & Kaos Yayýnlarý, Istanbul, Turkey
Karagun Koop, Ankara, Turkey
Reclaim the Streets, London, United Kingdom
MERCi, Manchester, United Kingdom
LadY bUg, Minneapolis (MN), USA
Extreme Noise, Minneapolis (MN), USA 
May Day, Minneapolis (MN), USA
Arise!, Minneapolis (MN), USA
Paul Cienfuegos, Arcata (CA), USA

Detailed contact list available on demand.

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