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Syndicate: Ars Electronica - NEXT SEX - Sep 2-7, 2000, Linz

Ars Electronica 2000
Festival of Art, Technology and Society
September 2-7, 2000, Linz, Austria


Sex in the Age of its Procreative Superfluousness

As never before, the fundamentals of life have become the immediate
concern and direct object of scientific-technological processing. The
civilizational principle of the transformation of nature into art has
finally arrived at human beings themselves, and is now set to liberate the
process of our own origination from the purported inadequacies of
biological haphazard. As this attains a high-profile presence in the
spotlight of mass-media coverage, the borders between responsible research
and the race to make a killing in the business of life become blurred, and
nameless fear of ethical disaster is commingled with shamelessly trivial
curiosity about that impending moment when the photo of a proud and happy
mother holding the first cloned child in her arms is transmitted around
the world.

Continuing the festivalmodern reproductive biology. A dual approach
combining scientific and artistic points of view will scrutinize the
contours of a society in which human beings are genetically
configuredfunctional indispensability for reproduction, and thus one in
which the battle of the sexes as well as the moral steering mechanism of
our very society undergo reordering.

Gerfried Stocker

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