Andreas Broeckmann on Wed, 23 Feb 2000 15:05:17 +0200

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Syndicate: syndicate goes: isea 2000 in paris

dear friends,

after some background communication we can now confirm: there will be a
syndicate meeting  during the ISEA 2000 conference from 7-11 december in
paris. (cf announcement 9 Feb 2000)

for those of you, who want to join, here are the options we are looking into:

1. a Syndicate panel that we propose as part of the official ISEA
programme; this panel can have a broader range of topics and is mainly
meant as a container for presentations of Syndicate-related activities. as
a preliminary title, we suggest 'Networked Media Art'; a more precise
definition we can make when we know more precisely who want to present
what. in any case, this should provide an opportunity for several people to
participate in the conference.

in order for this to be possible, suggestions should reach me or frederic
madre <> by 15 march, or at least let us know that you
will send something. the deadline for proposals with ISEA is 15 april, and
by then we have to have a description, cvs, abstracts, etc., together.

2. a Syndicate meeting; ideally, we will have a special Syndicate-room in
paris in the ISEA conference centre, where we can talk, meet and socialise
during the entire conference, and where there would, again ideally, also be
some computers to present some work to other ISEA participants. the minimum
option would be one of our regular and informal get-togethers, but i think
we should try and achieve more.

frederic and other people in paris will look into the possibilities for
this. if you know already that you will or want to come for the ISEA
conference, please, let us know. we will try and apply for funding (travel
& accommodation) and need to know names and numbers for that. we can also
help to arrange invitations and visa support, again this is something that
requires early contacts. additionally, if we want to pressure ISEA to offer
cheap access to the conference for non-institutionalised artists, we need
to be able to affirm that there will in fact be a group of syndicalists


- if you want to present something during the panel, send an outline

- if you just want to come to paris and would like to join informal
syndicate activities, drop us a line:

Andreas Broeckmann <>
Frederic Madre <>


PS: frederic adds: also, this is a side idea I have been playing with for a
short while, tell me if it's ridiculous: as owner of the palais-tokyo
mailing list I would like to organize a real life contest of mailing lists.
the playground could be a bowling hall. we would invite a team of 4 people
from each mailing list (syndicate, nettime, rhizome, whatever...) and they
would challenge each other in the lanes. imagine a whole bowling hall
reserved for a mailing list tournament. oh well. I had to tell someone.

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