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Syndicate: Akihabara TV, Tokyo March 2000

Date: Mon, 21 Feb 2000 23:00:53 +0900

The Second City Video Installation

*Outline of the project*

This will be the second international video art show to take place in
Akihabara - Tokyo's famous electric town. The project will run from March
16th to March 29th, 2000.
"Akihabara TV" is based on a very simple but unique idea - to change
the ordinary view of Akihabara  through the showing of site specific video
art on monitors and TV screens throughout the town. There are hundreds of
shops and buildings in Akihabara selling high-tech machinery and goods, TV
monitors, video decks and computers.
The project will utilize as many of these televisions and monitors as
possible for the installation. Short video works by 32 artists from 12
different countries will be shown. Visitors to Akihabara will automatically
become the audience and, in seeing art in such an ordinary situation, will
be given an opportunity to experience art in a different way to that
normally offered in museums or galleries.
The dramatic developments in technology, in hardware, make themselves
obvious in the area, but in the meantime, what part has any software or
what is shown on these screens contributed to the development of this site? By
projecting art into a public space, this show will question the
meaning of visual information in this visually diverse world, which may
also force us to consider the controversial position of video art in art

The first Akihabara TV happened in 1999, and drew a great deal of
attention from many different audiences as well as various kinds of media.
In this second project we would like to work in closer co-operation with local
people andmunicipal corporations, and also with more of the up and coming
international artists in our network.

*Project dates:
This project will run from March 16th to March 29th, 2000
*Place of Exhibition
On TV Monitors, computers  and DVDs in electric consumer goods shops in
Akihabara. and command N/cube (gallery space)

*Project committee
The show will be organized by command N and the Akihabara TV project team.

*Sponsor & Fund
This project will be funded by The Japan Art Fund, the Japan Foundation.
It will also be partly supported by Shiseido Co. Ltd., Chiyoda Matsushita
Consumer Electronics Corporation, Toshiba Chuo Life Electronics, Sony
Marketing Corporation and other electric companies.

*This project is made possible with the kind support of
ART BY XEROX, Akihabara Electric Town Promotion Association and
Chiyoda Urban Design NPO

*Special support for DVD
Attain Co., Ltd.

List of artists

Masato Nakamura (Japan)
Noboru Tsubaki (Japan)
Yukio Fujimoto (Japan)
Hideki Nakazawa (Japan)
Kazuhiko Hachiya (Japan)
Akane Asaoka (Japan)
ROOT R (Japan)
Ayako Yoshimura (Japan)
Saki Sataom (Japan)
Parco Kinoshita (Japan)
Atsushi Ito (Japan)
Shunsuke Kamata (Japan)
Masayuki watanabe (Japan)
Patricia Piccinini (Australia)
Ian Haig (Australia)
Jacinta Schreuder (Australia)
Alasdair Duncan (UK)
Peter Bellars (UK)
Kristin Lucas (USA)
Lynne Yamamoto & Lucretia Knapp (USA)
Erich Weiss (Belgium)
Philippe Chatelain (France)
Lilian Bourgeat & Luc Adami (France)
Almut Rink (Austria)
Manuel Saiz (Spain)
Josef Maria Martin (Spain)
Geert Mul (Netherlands)
Kamol Pawasavadi (Thailand)
Michael Shaowanasai (Thailand)
Gregory Maass (Germany)
York der Knoefel (Germany)
Kim Nayoung (Korea)

The selection of participants has been made through knowledge of the
individual artist's work or through expressions of interest in Akihabara
made by artists visiting our project head quarters.
Also two non-profit art spaces overseas have been incorporated as co-curatiors:
Gertrude 200 Street (Melbourne) and
Project 304 (Bangkok)

Special performances:

Akitsugu Maebayashi
"Sonic Interface"
February 18th and 19th  on the weekend street of Akihabara

"Sonic Interface", a new portable "ear" consists of a computer and
headphones with a microphone. Get ready? Why don't you go out to a noisy
town, Akihabara? Sounds hearing through headphones are processed real-time
Akihabara. That is different from the effect of a portable player which cut
off a person from the other people and the soundscape. There is not only a
gap but also combination between perception of the real noises and the
sounds through headphones.

*Alasdair Duncan in DutyFree
Alasdair Duncan's performances present an extrodinary mix of retro-future
funk with a bad noise aesthetic and an hypnotically stunning, primitive and
poor future-modernist computer generated visual spectacular.
Following his resounding success across Europe this is a rare and unique
opportunity to see Duncan performing in Japan.

*Kristine Lucas   "Simulcast Mobile Kit #1"
March 26th of Akihabara Street
Simulcasters in orange jumpsuits will appear on the street and give small
balls to people. Will it receive the sensor of AKihabara?

*Please ask details about artists and events*

Information Center Open!
The information center of Akihabara TV will be temporarily set up for
Located just in the middle of Akihabara, here people will be able to get
all the information about the Akihabara TV, as well as watch the video works
at the
gallery space. The artist's previous video works and documentation will
also be available to give more information to visitors.

for more information, please contact to
Chiaki Sakaguchi

#command N new address#
1-7-1-1F, Soto-Kanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0021
Tel 81-3- 5297-350
Fax 81-3 -5297-3507
Sakaguchi Chiaki
command N
mobile: 090-8485-1724
Sakaguchi Chiaki
command N
mobile: 090-8485-1724

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