Andreas Broeckmann on Mon, 21 Feb 2000 10:27:57 +0200

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Syndicate: a belgian virtual platform

Date: Mon, 21 Feb 2000 09:28:42 +0100
From: Dirk de Wit <>

Announcement Virtual Platform

Where FAQ also means Facilitate, Act, Question!

The Virtual Platform (VP) is a dynamic and mutable on-line infrastructure,
created out of the necessity to link up, and map the dispersed Belgian New
Media scene.

It is no big secret that Belgium has been lagging along when it comes to
cultural new media initiatives.  Cultural policy hardly mentions new media
and conversely media policy hardly refers to cultural initiatives.  The
greater part of the funds go to traditional and institutionalised arts,
which leaves very little subsidy for experimental and New Media projects.
  This causes those involved in the realm of new media and cultural
production to be caught between a rock and a hard place.  Not to mention
that the lack of structural support engenders a climate which is not
particularly encouraging for productive zeal, and might prevent potentially
exciting projects/initiatives of ever being realised.  So it's about time
to stop whining and take action!

VP operates on different levels of overlap and intersection.  Its main
strategies for action are listed in the mission statement as:
*	Support: the "back-up" zone on the internet site supports and promotes
projects engaging in a critical dialogue with current techno-cultural
debates.  VP provides server space if necessary, facilitates contact with
interested parties and/or possible collaborators,  and supplies feed-back.
*	Map: the VP database and list of links map and visualise the Belgian
digital landscape.  The VP_digest 3-lingual monthly newsletter offers a
sample of updates and evaluation of New Media developments in Belgium.
*	Lobby: VP will exercise pressure to get (and keep!) new media on the
cultural/political agenda.  The unmoderated VP_uncut mailing list and the
"combat zone" form the primary places where action strategies are
*	Events: From April onwards VP will commence organising
monthly events in
the Brussels2000 HQ (Rue de l'Ecuyer/Schildknaapstr. 50, 1000 Bxl).  Though
VP takes pride in real virtuality, we do understand the value and fun of
staging Real Life events.  These events are a wonderful means of
communicating and introducing new media culture to a larger public in a
non-formal way, and provide a physical platform for showing and discussing
new work in Multi-media

Anybody interested in/working with New Media in innovative ways, be that in
the artistic, activist, educational, or any other realm.


Dirk De Wit
audiovisual and new media projects Brussels2000

Bruxelles/Brussel 2000
Anspach center
Anspachlaan 30
1000 Brussel
tel: 32-2 / 214 2058
fax: 32-2 / 214 2020

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