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Syndicate: Vacancies and Changes @ Hull Time Based Arts

Subject: Vacancies and Changes @ Hull Time Based Arts
Date: Wed, 16 Feb 00 20:15:16 +0100

Apologies in advance for any cross postings.

Please Distribute.

Non-UK residents are more than welcome to apply.

Hull Time Based Arts is an artist led organisation and one of =
Europe=B9s leading commissioners of live and new media art.  From its =
new riverside home, Timebase, HTBA promotes the work of artists =
through an innovative programme that includes the international ROOT =
festival and the European Media Art Residency Exchange.   HTBA is =
funded by the Arts Council of England, Yorkshire Arts and Kingston =
Upon Hull City Council.

HTBA is embarking on a period of growth.  With funding from ERDF, the =
National Lottery, Hull CityVision and Humberside TEC, it has =
developed Timebase Cultural Industries which will provide access to =
business development and marketing advice, mentoring and Avid video =
and audio production facilities.

HTBA is currently seeking candidates for the following posts:


Provide artistic vision and organisational leadership; devise and =
implement policy and creative strategies for the management and =
development of the organisation; secure funding and maintain a sound =
financial base, working with a wide range of individuals and partners.

Marketing Manager		

Raise HTBA=B9s profile; devise and implement a 3 year marketing plan =
for projects and resources; develop Membership and secure funds =
through corporate giving; provide marketing advice to artists and =

For application details, please contact:
Phillip Rhodes
Hull Time Based Arts
42 High Street
Hull  HU1 1PS

Telephone: 	01482 216446
Deadline for applications:	28 February 2000
This is a readvertisement, previous applicants need not apply.

To discuss Directorship, E-Mail Rob Gawthrop, the Chair of HTBA at
Non-UK residents are more than welcome to apply.
Hull Time Based Arts is committed to equal opportunities in =
recruitment and employment

Hull Time Based Arts
commission, training, research, exhibtion, production, publication

42 High St

tel: 44(0) 1482 216 446
fax: 44(0) 1482 589 952

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