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Syndicate: Fwd: [Salzburg Seminar] Message from Olin Robison

To: "Salzburg Seminar Alumni" <>
Subject: Message from Olin Robison
Date: Wed, 16 Feb 2000 18:02:01 +0100
To:     Alumni of the Salzburg Seminar
From:   Olin Robison, President

The following statement has been adopted by the Salzburg Seminar in
response to the current political situation in Austria.  This statement
has been posted on the Seminar's website at
Any updates will be posted on the site. Thank you for your ongoing
interest in the Seminar and your commitment to its future.


"The Salzburg Seminar is acutely aware that the current political
situation in Austria raises troubling questions for a number of the
Seminar's constituents and supporters. We believe that our best
response, as an independent, international, non-profit institution,
is to continue to be a showcase in Austria for what can be
accomplished through openness and inclusiveness. An institution
committed to these principles cannot survive, however, if those who
share them remove themselves from the arena. We very much hope, then,
that you will join us in our on-going efforts to demonstrate to the
world the value of dialogue, tolerance, diversity, and reconciliation
as we conduct our 2000 program.

"To those who plan to attend the Seminar in 2000 as Faculty or Fellows,
we hope you will participate as a visible symbol that those who embrace
the principles of tolerance, diversity, and reconciliation cannot be
turned away by those who may oppose them. To our supporters and
contributors, we hope you will recognize how very important it is that
the Salzburg Seminar continues to bring participants from around the
world to Austria, even in the midst of political uncertainty. And to our
many friends and well-wishers at this time, we hope you will join with
us in our steadfast commitment to the principle that the open,
unhampered dialogue that characterizes the Salzburg Seminar experience
is fundamental to building a better world."
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