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Syndicate: political situation in Austria; BY lizvlx

from liz@ubermorgen.com
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hi there

also some words from my little self...

for anybody who does not know me (..hehe arrogance ..)

my name is lizvlx, i.e. liz haas, i am an entrepreneuse
and artist living in vienna.

so - to the point -

i started demonstrating the day of the inauguration
of the new government. i also had the great pleasure
to throw some eggs/milk onto the poor policeguys.

2 days later i started http://www.ubermorgen.org,
a website devoted to the spreading and distribution of
widerstand (resitance) materialz (flyers, banners,
pamphletes, e.a.).

we have had about 1500 unique ip's within 5 days,
lots of people (including the cia) seem to be

what are we, in austria, now fighting against? the
main goal at the moment, as i see it, is rendering
the potential (and already happening) acceptance
of the current government impossible.  most people
now have the attitude of "now let them work, we
will see, if the make a good job, and if they fail,
there will be a new government in 4 years"

4 years!!!!!

i dont know what austria would look like after 4
years of right wing government.

big problem now - and the net really can be the
solution to this - the national media, orf, and
most newspapers (excl. der standard) are all
now into the extreme pro or into the "let them
work, dont exaggerate the situation". via the
growing networking on the web, we can fight this
media laissez-faire and give those people, who
now think, that they are mainstream, if they
believe in the current government, the possibility
(yo, viral manipulation) to be mainstram when
being against the government.

moreover, what i am doing now also, is putting
up flyers and posters in cafés and other places.

and i have established contacts across austria
with pother people who are also willing to do
some on- and offline work.

i will also be giving out a newsletter very soon,
if you are interested in receiving this newsletter
(it will be very short, give headlines and urls),
pls mailme liz@ubermorgen.org (or .com).

auf widerstand,


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