andreas broeckmann on Tue, 15 Feb 2000 10:58:27 +0100

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Syndicate: Call for Pyramedia meeting Tirana, June 2000

dear friends,

Edi Muka already mentioned this last week - we are going ahead with the
second PYRAMEDIA meeting, or the PYRAMEDIA squared, in Tirana. The core
dates are 2 -4 June 2000, though i guess that some of us will again want to
spend some more days there.

-> participate!
everybody is welcome to join this meeting which will be a mix between
informal talks, excursions and encounters with albanian artists and
theorists, and a series of presentations and an exhibition at the Pyramid
Cultural Center.

-> present!
suggestions for different areas are welcome: 
- presentations of recent exhibitions, media art events, new art projects,
including video productions, CD-Roms and websites
- lectures and talks about theoretical and historical issues relating to
media art and media culture
- workshops with hands-on work for albanian artists (sound, image, video,
etc.; these may best take place just before or after the Pyramedia meeting

possible formats for presentations: VHS, SVHS, 16 mm, and probably internet
venue at the cinema hall of the pyramid. 

please forward your programme suggestions to:
or to:

as edi wrote, the programme shall focus on recent developments and
production on media arts, low tech, and impact of technology on the medium,
and basic critical discussion (because information on the matter is quite
missing in tirana).

by the way, inke arns and i have made a commitment to actually get the next
Syndicate Reader ready for Pyramedia2, something we had originally planned
last autumn. support in selecting the material and editing would be very

-> the deal

so far, edi can take care of accommodation and per diems in tirana, while
travel costs have to be covered individually, at least for the moment.

in order to plan this meeting, and in order to generate some funding, it
will be important that we get an idea of who wants to join the meeting. So
please, respond immediately, or decide by say 1 march.


i looked up what Pyramedia squared means and saw some really funny
connotations in the dictionary. maybe some native english speakers can
enlighten us ... ;-)

-> greetings, -a 

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