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Syndicate: Bakanian Summer School 2000

From: michael edwards <m.edwards@UCL.AC.UK>
Subject:      balkans

To:  planning group at UCL, CEE groupup at UCL, INURA, BISS

Dear Friends

Last autumn we had a visit from Milan Prodanovic who took his PhD here in
the 80s and has been struggling in recent years against the problems in
former Yugoslavia, as a planner and and as a prof at Belgrade and Nov Sad.
He's planning, with others, a summer school in July.  here are some

Milan is at
Milan Prodanovic <ecourban@EUnet.yu>

Michael Edwards

Outline proposal for the Summer School 2000:

Title and the topics of the School:

Reconstruction of Culture and Built Environment in Balkans

Place of study:
OHRID FYRO Macedonia

Time of lectures:
Two weeks in July 2000

Alternative Academic Educational Network, Ecourban Workshop Belgrade and
British Council

Explanation of the goals:

To strengthen and reconstruct the regional cooperation in view of the
common issues of regional and European integration (common syllabus for
university courses in contemporary scientific and social trends and
adapted to regional needs)

Students from the local universities:
30 - 50 residents for 14 days from: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina,
Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Kosovo, FYRO Macedonia, Montenegro, Rumania,
Serbia, Slovenia, Turkey, Vojvodina

from Universities of European Union (and the World) and from local
Universities; resident and travel arrangement (2-14 days) according to the
arrangement of the program of the lectures


Reconstruction of Culture and Built Environment in Balkans
Summer School 2000

1 Multicultural tradition of Balkan civilization,
- urban-rural (dis)continuity and community's identity
- from semiomadic tribalism to global cosmopolitanism
- lessons from history
- political history of nation state formation
- urban history and community's identity
- social history and anthropological background
- geography of communication routes
- environmental (natural) context

2. Prospects for sustainable development of built environment
- Vernacular architecture and traditional knowledge
- Cultural; codes of use of space
- Solution types
- Building techniques
- Housing development with reference to self-help patterns
- Legal political framework
- Location and employment
- Land ownership
- Financial arangements
- Energy saving and alternative sources

Michael Edwards, Bartlett School, UCL, 22 Gordon Street London WC1H  0QB

New research project just starting: evaluation of urban regeneration at
King's Cross. See

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