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Syndicate: next message from the pyramid

hi again,
to continue the story, i forgot to mention the big party that the pyramid organized for the show "Onufri" with the help of the German embassy. under the wonderful music of DJ Highfish (Marcin Koslowski his real name) working at WMF in Berlin, the party went on for several hours. the planned streaming live of it didn't happen because not everything did work out fine.
next project that's is currently taking place, is another satisfactory collaboration between the pyramid and the British Council. this is the "Days of British Film". it is a selection of 10 british contemporary film, with a wide selection of a various problematics. here goes the film list:
1. topsy turvy from mike leigh
2. ratcatcher from lynne ramsay
3. croupier from mike hodges
4. love is the devil from john maybury
5. sunset heights from com villa
6. velvet goldmine from todd haynes
7. martha meet frank, daniel and laurence from nick hamm
8. the war zone from tim roth
9. the life of stuff from simon donald
10. girls' night
there is a good public attendance even though the films are not subtitled in albanian. there was a funny situation the opening night in which the british embassador had distributed the invitations. of course he sent invitations to the president and polititians. one of them was Berisha of course (i think this is familiar to you). when he first had received the invitation, he had answered that he couldn't come. but apparently when he learned that the president would be going and the soc. party rivals as well as some opossers of his within his party, without telling anybody he had entered the film during darkness, and when it was over everybody was amazed seeing him there.
anyway, this is the third project the center is doing in collaboration with BC and so far all projects have developed quite well.
in the meantime, i wanted to announce the plannig of the second PYRAMEDIA, or the PYRAMEDIA squared in Tirana. aproximate time of meeting is the first weekend of June. this is going to be an informal meeting on media arts. informal but not an excursion like the first time. therefore, even though there woun't be any selection comitee, it is about time that people that would like to come present their ideas and what they are going to present during those days. of course the meeting shall focus on recent developmnets and production on media arts, low tech, and impact of technology on the medium, and basic critical discussion (because information on the matter is quite missing in tirana).
possible formats for presentations: VHS, SVHS, 16 mm, and probable internet contection.
 venue at the cinema hall of the pyramid.
for eventual participants, please forward your program to: mailto:ediqnk@albaniaonline.net; or to: andreas broeckmann at: mailto:abroeck@v2.nl.
so far we can take care of accommodation and per diems in tirana, but in the near future we'll need to have some numbers to be more precise with the applications.
hope to have your answers soon,
all the best,