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Re: Syndicate: re: Do No Longer Exhibit in Austria

On 07-Feb-00, Andreas Broeckmann wrote:
>Date: Sat, 05 Feb 2000 12:44:35 +0100
>From: jennifer defelice <>

>Reaction to  "Do No Longer Exhibit in Austria"

>I am probably setting myself up for criticism of the reason I
>remain, as Andreas so eloquently has entitled, "a lurker", but it seems
>the trend on the list is to deal with acute problems in an explosive
>manner. I
>realize that acute problems require immediate action but Marion is right
>the policies of Austria being ones of exclusion and highly racist,
>although we
>deal with these issues theoretically our strategies seem to be failing
>us in
>the long run.

Well, I can only agree with you.

Perhaps the reason the strategies fail is because there is so little
fundamental discussion outside the (emotional) reaction to each new crisis.

If "everything which does not kill me makes me stronger" -then the same rule
must surely also apply to the institutions and people which one attacks!

It seems to me that the emphasis on "content" (and the lack of interest in
underlying structure) in "multimedia" and (much) reflects consumerist
attitudes which are designed to generate desire while at the same time
preventing satisfaction.

So if artists are going to realise their fantasies of having an effective (and
responsible?) role in society (outside the commercial system?) then they may
need to radically (and creatively) rethink their attitudes and dogmas.

Both (left-wing?) Internationalism and (right-wing?) Globalisation tend to be
destructive of local culture.

If cultural diversity remains constantly under threat from commercial,
political, technological and artistic systems then surely people will continue
to turn to extreme fundamentalism (religious, political and cultural) in order
to preserve their sense of local identity.

Leaders may manipulate others to satisfy their own greed and need for power
-but any democratic support they may have must surely also be a reflection (in
some way) of the basic fears of their followers.

If we are to live together peacefully, then surely this can only happen if
people become aware of the effect their own attitudes and behaviour have on

Is not the continuing loss of control (and lack of constructive dialogue)
regarding ones own way of life, in fact, the real motor for agression?

Through an understanding of ourselves we are able to understand others -so
perhaps "art" should be more involved with developing understanding than with
propagating (unfounded) attitudes.

friendly greetings,

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