Mihajlo Acimovic on Sun, 06 Feb 2000 01:37:29 +0100

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Syndicate: Vienna demos today

SOS-Mitmensch officially canceled today`s demo, causing more people to come, than would have, if people thought it was an SOS-Mitmensch demo. Socialdemocratic party youth still had their proffessional protest leaders out there, but few people were paying attention to these. Demonstrations lasted the whole day again. Socialdemodicks decided to go home, but anarchists stayed and continued protesting, went to some immigrant prisons, OVP central, entered a skating ground without paying and protested on the ice, etc. While the SDs were still with us, we entered the West Bahnhof train station and the entire collumn of thousands marched through it. West Bahnhof is a place where many foreigners can be seen, so police and public transport have more controls there than elsewhere. Demo was really cool (as well as the one yesterday). There were some transparents for non-violence and a person very abusively distributing non-violence leaflets (he was hugging a girl who had her face covered)!
. Nobody seemed to be falling for the non-violent crap. Fuck, it was the cops who attacked peaceful demonstrators last night, not the other way around. Why don`t the Socialdemodicks tell the cops to be non-violent?
I left late, but there was still several hundred people demonstrating. I had just been listening to Radio Orange. They say police attacked demonstrators again, mentioned tear gas, watter cannons, etc. (same thing as yesterday). I have no idea what`s happening, nobody called us on the phone. It seems cops had again waited for the demonstrators to be few and exausted, before the attack.
Mail you later with more.


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