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Syndicate: participate... interact... upload...

DIALTONE is an interactive net audio project exposing the physical and
virtual space of the internet and attempting to open this hybrid space
for sounds and tunes by using simple telecomunication instruments like
telephones and answering machines. This experimental audio interface
between the telephone network and the internet explores how interaction
and compression can change music in a network.

3 answering machines recieve 3 minute sound samples from all around  the

world. You can also transmit your sound with every telephone by dialing
one of the 3 "sound servers". These are connected to an audio mixer and
a to an amplifier for performing and installing the audio network live.
3 cameras capture the displays of the machines which will be projected
back into the space for a phisical and for a virtual audience - live at
the Academy for Visual Arts / Leipzig and at

Dont hezitate! Please feel free to participate and interact with the
system. Pick up your phone, dial one of the numbers below, choose a
sample and upload your sound! For the sound quality of phone mics and
answering machines is low, I suggest you choose abstract sound samples,
ambient soundscapes, simple tunes or noises you can best transmit with
every simple telephone.

The system is installed 24 hours, from Friday, February 4. 2000, 1800
CET until Saturday, February 5. 2000, 1800 CET.

I´m gonna mix the first 30 uloaded tracks into a 90 minute special
telephonic soundscape live on Friday, February 4. 2000, 2100-2230 CET.

Dont forget to join and to interact! Your sound is the system!
+49(0).341.2135150 (all active after friday,1800 CET)
If one line is busy, please dial an another number, or try again later.

Remote access codes
for +49(0).341.2135112  --- 12
for +49(0).341.2135138  --- 38
for +49(0).341.2135150  --- 50  (all active after 2230 CET)
for details on changing the content by using remote access codes please
visit the website at


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