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Syndicate: Stockholm Challenge Award

Date: Thu, 03 Feb 2000 19:06:04 +0100
From: "Challenge Challenge" <>

Using Information Technology in new enriching ways?

Time to enter the Stockholm Challenge Award!

Do you yourself or someone in your network, use Information Technology in a
way that benefits people and society? Does the world know about it?

If not, now it's the time to enter the world's most extensive IT-awards
program - The Stockholm Challenge Award,

February 29 is the last day of entry to the Stockholm Challenge Award 2000.
Participation is free of charge.

What is the Stockholm Challenge Award?

It is a non-profit initiative of the City of Stockholm in partnership with
the European Commission. It offers IT pioneers from around the world a
unique opportunity to showcase projects of excellence, which can be
private, public, academic or non-profit.

The Stockholm Challenge Award has people firmly at its centre. It is an
award that focuses on the benefits and positive changes that information
technology can bring to communities rather than on the sophistication of
the technology itself. The award benefits us all, and provides the
opportunity for regions on the threshold of new technology to learn from
those on the cutting edge. It is this sharing of knowledge and the creation
of personal relationships that is the vision of all who join the Challenge.

The projects are invited to compete in seven different categories:
· Health & Quality of Life
· New Economy
· Education
· Public Services & Democracy
· Culture & Entertainment
· Environment
· Equal Access.

The international jury is made up of senior experts from all corners of the
globe. The judges represent a global perspective and have wide experience
of the budding digital age in both developing and developed countries.

Why meet the Challenge?

The Challenge Award offers you the chance to take part in a global sharing
of knowledge and brokering of contacts. International marketing of the
Award attracts the attention of media and venture capitalists and paves the
way to fruitful business synergies and personal contacts. It is also an
excellent means of promotion for countries, regions, cities and
participating projects alike. As Professor Alfonso Molina, Chairman of the
International Jury the Award, stated, "In the Challenge, everyone is a

There is also a traditional prize-giving ceremony in the Blue Hall of
Stockholm's City Hall in June 2000 and the much-appreciated Best Practices
Exhibition and Conference, which gives all participating projects the
chance to share their ideas with others.
Don't hesitate to show the world your IT-project of excellence. Join the
Stockholm Challenge Award now!

If you have any questions, please contact the Challenge team at or tel +46-8-508 280 00.

Best regards,

Suzanne Liljegren
Project Manager

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