Arthur Bueno on Thu, 3 Feb 2000 17:54:04 +0100

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Fwd: Re: Syndicate:: Do no longer exhibit in Austria!

>Date: Wed, 02 Feb 2000 22:03:54 +0100
>From: florian schneider <>
>Subject: Re: Syndicate: Fwd: Do no longer exhibit in Austria! (fwd)

>> at the same time, we should not forget that there are other countries in
>> europe which have worrying governments with xenophobic, nationalistic,
>> undemocratic, you name it, policies, whose artists deserve the same kind
>> support. vienna-belgrade 660 km.
>1. and how many kilometers from berlin to vienna?
>maybe first of all to include into boycott strategies the
>federal republic of germany? without any public reaction
>the minister for interior affairs otto schilly from
>socialdemocratic party has been announcing and practising
>since months, what oevp and fpoe proclaimed as one of their
>first goals: "migration=0"
>2. art strike rules ok. but please keep in mind, that
>artists won't be the main victims of a postmodern
>3. for those who are interested what is going on in vienna
>right now, there is a real audio live stream from the
>demonstration tonight:
>more soon

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