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[rohrpost] "Slowtime?....Teil IV jetzt online

Cinematheque at MediaCentre -->Le Musee di-visioniste"
is happy to launch on Friday, 20 January 2004
part IV of its new showcase of streaming media art works

[Quicktime (.mov) as an artistic medium]

which is presented at the new space of "Cinema_B".

--> Quicktime does not only represent a cross-plattform file format for
converting and distributing (analogue/digital) video
into an Internet compatible streaming format,
but has a lot of different features and characteristics which
predestine Quicktime to be a serious artistic medium beyond that <--

The show is launched in four parts
Part IV - launch on 20 February 2004
includes following artists
Arlene Ducao (USA)
Kevin Hamilton (UK)
Marcello Mercado (Germany)
Cincia Cremona (Italy)
Spaceanus (USA)
Mica Scalin (USA)
Dana Cooley (USA)
Alyssa Rothwell (USA)
Ewan McDougall (UK)
Agricola de Cologne (Germany)

Part III - launch on 19 January 2004
includes following artists
Chiara Passa (Italy)
Adriana Sasali (Argentina)
John Belucci (USA)
Thierry Brégaint (Canada)
Claudia Sohrens (USA)
Rachel Dobbs (UK)
Adrian Miles (Australia)
Razvan Ion (Romania)
Ricardo Mbarak (Lebanon)
Jennifer Schmidt (USA)
Gabriel Otero (Argentina)

Part II - launched on 17 December 2003
includes following artists
Avi Rosen (Israel)
Lane Last (USA)
Lasse Raa (Norway)
Raúl Manrupe (Argentina)
Ari van Schutterhoff/Hans van Eck (The Netherlands)
Julie Andrejev (Canada)
David Crawford (USA)
Lucasz Lysakowsky (USA)
Tania V (Australia)
James Ford (UK)
Maggie Montgomery (UK)
Doron Golan (USA)

Part I - launched on 25 November 2003
includes following artists
Daniel Vatski/Isabelle Jenniches (NL)
Oswaldo Cibils (Uruguay)
Malte Steiner (Germany)
Everson Godinho (Brazil)
Michael Szpakowski (UK)
Miklos Legrady (CA)
Melissa Ulto (USA)
Mogens Jacobsen (Denmark)
Marina Zerbarini (Argentina)
Meto Angelovski (Macedonia)
Christian Bermudes (Costa Rica)
Laurel Beckman (USA)

The selection of
"Slowtime?........" [Quicktime (.mov) as an artistic medium]
is based on an open call in Internet
and curated and created for Cinematheque
by Agricola de Cologne
Visit also  the previous streaming media shows at Cinematheque
which are presented now at "Cinema_A"

Cinematheque at MediaCentre
organises online show cases of streaming media
in the framework of Le Musee di-visioniste

Le Musee di-visioniste
is an online museum based on philosophical ideas,
and a corporate member of
[NewMediaArtProjectNetwork]:||cologne -
the experimental plattform for net based art -
founded by Agricola de Cologne,
media artist and New Media curator
operating from Cologne/Germany.
Technical requirements
Recommended are:
DSL Internet connection,  fast computer device PC or MAC
all latest browser versions
requested players/plug-ins:
Flash 7 (free download at
Quicktime (free download at

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