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[rohrpost] [spectre] mi2 presentation @ transmediale 04

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Subject:        	[spectre] mi2 presentation @ transmediale 04

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On Tue, 3 Feb 2004, tomislav medak wrote:

> [mi 2] presentations
> 04.02.  in  Fly Utopia! workspace
> 11:00 - 12:00 TamTam
> TamTam is a GNU/GPL collaborative web application developed by [mi2]'s 
> mi2lab. It is based on the concept of WikiWiki, but has many multimedia 
> features that are not a part of standard Wiki implementations & clones. 
> In more then 1 year of active use and development TamTam has proven 
> locally (serving over 50 projects the on mi2 server) to be the easiest 
> tool for online publishing and collaboration.
> 12:00 - 13:00 Multimedia Institute/MAMA presentation
> [mi2], abbreviated for Multimedia Institute (Zagreb, CROATIA), is a 
> Zagreb based NGO . We will present out public nexus - net.culture club 
> [mama], our production facility [mi2lab] and our numerous projects at 
> the interstice between new media, social issues and policy.
> 13:00 - 14:00 EGOBOO.bits / iCommons / GNUSpectrum
> EGOBOO.bits is a digital publishing project & production collective 
> dealing with the free software development, sound production and media 
> theory. The lowest common denominator of the entire EGOBOO.bits 
> production is GNU General Public Licence, also known as copyleft. Music 
> published under these terms on the EGOBOO.bits label can be freely 
> distributed, used and modified by others as long as its derivates remain 
> under the same conditions.
> iCommons is the Croatian implementation of Creative Commons licenses - a 
> set of licenses allowing creators to make their works available with 
> more free than the compulsory copyright license does.
> GNUSpectre is haunting... GNUSpectre is a reader on the free software 
> movement and its philosophy. Through the selection of texts I wanted to 
> indicate that the GNU General Public License is a possible common 
> denominator for cultural production and that "licensed" production 
> carries a "revolutionary" potential.
> 19:00 - 20:00 HighNoon presentation (together with Candida TV)
> Recently a diverse group of media activists, artists and programers 
> initiated project HighNoon which is set out to develop a new model that 
> would suite better for moving image. Agregation of video has already 
> been experimentaly established in recent months by v2v project 
> (, using free software, open formats and standards to 
> encode, store and syndicate production quality video in sustainable and 
> managable way. Further along this road we wanna develop methods and 
> models to fill these archives with quality content and make it available 
> for others to engage within this social, media and technical 
> development. By using free technologies, working on models of inclusion 
> and adressing social issues within so called "information society" we 
> are initiating HighNoon platform for delivery of this media through 
> networks to all connected. Being early in development stage we need your 
> support in submiting content, testing technology, commiting resources 
> and adopting standards we agree on. Join us as we build HighNoon.

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