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[rohrpost] presentation of Multimedia Institute at the Transmediale04

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[mi 2] presentations *

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wednesday, 4th of February

in the Fly Utopia! workspace at Transmediale


*11:00 - 12:00 TamTam*

*TamTam* is a GNU/GPL collaborative web application developed by [mi2]'s 
mi2lab. It is based on the concept of WikiWiki, but has many multimedia 
features that are not a part of standard Wiki implementations & clones. 
In more then 1 year of active use and development TamTam has proven 
locally (serving over 50 projects the on mi2 server) to be the easiest 
tool for online publishing and collaboration.

*12:00 - 13:00 Multimedia Institute/MAMA presentation*

*[mi2]*, abbreviated for Multimedia Institute (Zagreb, CROATIA), is a 
Zagreb based NGO. We will present our public nexus - net.culture club 
[mama], our production facility [mi2lab] and our numerous projects at 
the interstice between new media, social issues and policy.

*13:00 - 14:00 EGOBOO.bits / iCommons / GNUSpectrum*

*EGOBOO.bits* is a digital publishing project & production collective 
dealing with the free software development, sound production and media 
theory. The lowest common denominator of the entire EGOBOO.bits 
production is GNU General Public Licence, also known as copyleft. Music 
published under these terms on the EGOBOO.bits label can be freely 
distributed, used and modified by others as long as its derivates remain 
under the same conditions.

*iCommons* is the Croatian implementation of Creative Commons licenses - 
a set of licenses allowing creators to make their works available with 
more free than the compulsory copyright license does.

*GNUSpectre* is haunting... GNUSpectre is a reader on the free software 
movement and its philosophy. Through the selection of texts I wanted to 
indicate that the GNU General Public License is a possible common 
denominator for cultural production and that "licensed" production 
carries a "revolutionary" potential.

19:00 - 20:00 *HighNoon* presentation (together with Candida TV)

Recently a diverse group of media activists, artists and programers 
initiated project *HighNoon* which is set out to develop a new model 
that would suite better for moving image. Agregation of video has 
already been experimentaly established in recent months by v2v project 
(, using free software, open formats and standards to 
encode, store and syndicate production quality video in sustainable and 
managable way. Further along this road we wanna develop methods and 
models to fill these archives with quality content and make it available 
for others to engage within this social, media and technical 
development. By using free technologies, working on models of inclusion 
and adressing social issues within so called "information society" we 
are initiating HighNoon platform for delivery of this media through 
networks to all connected. Being early in development stage we need your 
support in submiting content, testing technology, commiting resources 
and adopting standards we agree on. Join us as we build HighNoon.


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