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Venice          >       Mestre

Ljubljana      >       Pirano


November 2003 / December 2004




Analysis, meanings, significance .


In 2004 PROJECT BORDERS gets underway, the first appointment being on 30th January in the Aula Magna of IUAV at the Tolentini, where the first day of work and study will take place. This first meeting will be international in character with a strong presence of the Italian and Slovenian institutions representing the many aspects of the subject. Well-known scholars will come together in Venice to analyse the concept of borders and to study the changes that, over the years, have crisscrossed in different areas of the social, cultural and economic life of our communities. 


The project has been realised in collaboration with the Commune of Venice, the Veneto Region, the Italian Government and is co-financed by the European Union (Interreg IIIA CBC Italy/Slovenia).


The first study day will gather international speakers to present the different phases of the project and to outline the borders that impose limits on human action today, starting with our daily lives.


The meeting will open at 10am with a presentation by  Professor Marino Folin, the Rector of IUAV, who will be followed by the coordinators of  the four sections of the project, Aurora Fonda, Matteo Ghidoni, Luca Racchini, Aljosa Dekleva, Fernanda Di Maio and Mauro Marzo who will briefly explain the forthcoming stages of the project. 


Speakers who have had the chance to investigate the different meanings of the term 'borders' during the course of their work or study have been invited to take part in the meeting. Thus, space has been given to Italian and Slovenian sociologists to highlight the analogies and differences to be found between Slovenia's present transitory condition and the Western state of things linked to a predefined market economy. 


Architects will reveal to us the limits lurking in our towns and cities, on city outskirts and in general, while writers and art historians will enable us to understand better the limits created in the cultural and communication universe.    


Participants will include:

Marino Folin - Director of Architecture University in Venice

Carlos Basualdo - curator and art critic, Usa/Argentina 

Boris Podrecca - Architect who lives between Venice and Austria

Piero Zanini - Architect, Italy

Piero Vereni - Teacher of Demoetnoantropologic, Italy

Ales Debeljak - Writer and sociologist, Slovenia

Milan Kucan - Ex-president of Slovenian Repubblic 

Alberto Gasparini - Sociologist at the University of Gorizia

Predrag Matvejevic - Writer and essayist, Croatia

Amos Luzzatto - President of Union Jewish Italian Community

Curzio Maltese- Journalist and writer for La Repubblica, Italy

Vasa Perovic - Architect, Slovenia

Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed - Writer and sociologist, UK



At the end of the symposium will be the projection of the history-documentary "My border/Moja Meja" of Anja Medved and Nadja Veluscek, production Regional Center RAI for the Friuli Venezia Giulia  Slovenian program Kinoatelje.



Project Promoter: Patagonia Art and Gallery A+A

In collaboration with: IUAV Venice, Commune of Venice, Insula, Sofitel, Cą Foscarina

Concept: Aurora Fonda

Coordination: Lucia Pecoraro

Press office: Roberta Lombardo Hurstel and Francesca Colasante


For information:

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30124 Venezia -I-                                                                                                 

Tel/Fax: 041 27 70 466   -



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