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[rohrpost] ::::call for participation:::sagas:::Developing NarrativeGames:::ZKM, Germany:::Feb 6 - 12 2004::::

::::::::::  Call for participation ::::::::::::::::
::::::::::  sagas writing interactive fiction
::::::::::  Developing Narrative Games Workshop
::::::::::  Ernest Adams:::::::::::::::::::::::::::

            6.2.  12.2.2004, ZKM, Karlsruhe,Germany
            Application deadline: 20.1.2004

In this intensive five-day workshop, the participants will work
both alone and in teams to develop a design treatment
for a narrative game.
They will begin by studying the fundamental principles
of computer game design, and then go on to explore the
relationship between interactivity and narrative.
There will be a few lectures, but most of the activities
will be fully hands-on, involving brainstorming, discussion,
and presentations from the participants to the group.
By the end of the workshop each team will have addressed
a number of critical design issues, including genre, platform,
target audience, user interface, the player's role,
temporal structure, narrative structure, character and
back-story creation, perspective, tool set, and media usage.

sagas Writing Interactive Fiction is designed
in the first place for creative professionals working
in the audio-visual industry
(tv, cinema, interactive entertainment).

The working language will be English.

The training is aiming in the first place at
professionals coming from MEDIA member countries.
Applicants coming from other countries
please contact the sagas office for details.

In any case participation is limited to confirmed participants.
Confirmed participants are entitled to:

- participation in the training programme
- daily lunch and coffee breaks
- local public transportation

Participation fee (per person/per module):

- freelancers EURO 400,-
- companies EURO 1600,-

Confirmed participants (from MEDIA member countries)
may apply for reimbursement of travel expenses at
economy standards (in case of air travel, expense
coverage is limited to the lowest available rate)
or coverage of hotel accommodation.
There is only a limited budget for funding of travel
and hotel costs available.

Best regards,
Brunhild Bushoff

sagas Writing Interactive Fiction
c/o Bayerisches Filmzentrum
Bavariafilmplatz 7 
D-82031 Muenchen-Gruenwald

tel      + 49 89   64 98 11 30
fax      + 49 89  64 98 13 30
mobile + 49 (0) 171 45 28 0 52
a joint initiative of
& Academy for TV and Film Munich

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