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[rohrpost] AVM News Januar 2004

To all our friends a
Happy and Peaceful New Year 2004!!
A Virtual Memorial -
Memorial Project against the Forgetting and for Humanity
New Media art project by Agricola de Cologne
Table of Contents:
a) News
b) Features of the month January 2004
 News in January
[R][R][F] 2004
is the title of the new global networking project
organized in the framework of  [NewMediaArtprojectNetwork]:||cologne
starting at 20 February 2004
at National Museum of Contemporary Art/Kalinderu MediaLab Bucaresti/Romania
and developing and operating until the end of 2004.
The project will contain a large number of Memory Channels, among them
[R][R][F] v.2.0 including these curators
Raul Ferrera Balanquet (Cuba), Gita Hashemi (Iran/Canada), Winston Yang
Raquel Partnoy (Argentina), Björn Norberg (Sweden), Agricola de Cologne
and others to be nominated later.
Basic subject -->"memory and identity"
Basic operational aspect -->"networking as artworking"
Basic presentation aspect-->"exchange between virtual and physical space"

More details at a later stage.

Call for artists submissions for "My Mission".
More details on
Meanwhile more than 50 artists' statements could be added.

Since 30 September, the new show
"{self}_representation 2003,
a co-operation with Le Musee di-visioniste
is online on www.le-musee-divisioniste.org or
including 250 artists from 40 countries

New month - new subject
c) ***Features of the Month

Memorial days in January

2004 International Year to Commemorate
         the struggle against Slavery and its Abolition

   02 January 1959 -           Victory of Cuban Revolution (Cuba)
   19 January 2004  -          Martin Luther King Memorial Day (USA)
   22 January 1905  -          First Russian Revolution St. Petersburg
   27 January 1945  -          Liberation of the Concentration Camp

*The Features of the Month are monthly changing
collections of multimedia works and links which form in the
totality of the composition an artwork of theirown
to be created on a webpage of theirown
within the Memorial project.*


Subject of the Month:
Again 2004: Voices of a new age

Project of the Month: Who are the pioneers?
Featured artists: Michael von Karkowski
VoiceObject 1: Martin Luther King
VoiceObject 2: Harry Truman
VoiceObject 3: Adolf Hitler
Animal: Snow leopard (Irbis)
People: Sami
Witnesses of Eternity: Worms/Germany

Until the next time
all the best,

Wilfried Agricola de Cologne
Memorial project against the Forgetting and for Humanity -
ongoing New Media art project by Agricola de Cologne
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copyright © 2000-2004 by AGRICOLA de Cologne
All rights reserved.

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