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[rohrpost] SHIFT 086, JAN 2004 A HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

   A   H A P P Y   N E W   Y E A R   2 0 0 4 !!!
   S H I F T 0 8 6   U P D A T E   J A N U A R Y   2 0 0 4



   Catrin Altenbrandt aka Pixelgarten, who is a freelance
   designer mainly working in own project, designed this issue's
   cover. She is one of artists who were selected from more than
   500 contestants for Shift 2004 calendar competition.
   Illustration drown with her original touch creates her own

   2003 EDITORS BEST 5

   We've done a lot of project such as "Dotmov Festival 2003",
   "Shift 2004 Calendar competition", editing cooperation for
   "Web Designing" magazine, article contribution to "AXIS
   magazine", taking part in "Sony Style Garelly" and starting up
   "E2O" project. Everything was achieved with your support and
   help. We really thank Shift readers.
   In this issue as the first one in 2004, we would like to look
   back 2003 with staff's comment adding dream in childhood.
   Keep your eye on Shift in 2004 as well. With best wishes from

   NUEVA 2003

   The predecessor of "Nueva" which states a "futuristic" film
   festival is "RETinevitable" which started in New York in 1998.
   Greeting the instigator David Levin, "Nueva" which means
   "New" in Spanish was held over about two weeks from
   December 10th to 25th in Harajuku Laforet Museum, Tokyo.


   Berlin is on the brink of bankruptcy. It can be felt in the uncut
   lawns of parks, the empty storefronts of small businesses,
   and now in the echoes of bustling crowds and chants that fill
   the streets of Berlin almost everyday. Students have begun to
   protest in response to the brash plans of government policies,
   which include budget cuts of 50 million euros in the years
   2004 and 2005 and 75 million euros by 2009, faculty members
   and course numbers eliminated by their hundreds, and no clear
   solutions for future developments - all topped off by the fact
   that, though Germany's flailing economy hasn't helped, Berlin's
   predicaments are a direct results of a government bank
   scandal that took place 9 years ago. But these protests have
   not just been about demonstrating and petitioning. Powered by
   the internet and mobile phones, students are arranging
   themselves in much more fluent ways than before, and the
   results have been creative, to say the least. 


   "Romance" is coming back to the world of fashion, graphic
   design and art. "Romantik" was released from Die Gestalten
   Verlag, in this book, beautiful and fascinating works with a
   motifs of butterflies, flowers, curved lines, women and
   softeness abound. This art book has the scent of a classic but
   make us feel "new". You might be able to discover a new
   creative form from it.


   Delaware will release two albums after a three year hiatus.
   They are a four person group who design rock and rock the
   design. Their working field is wide incorporating music,
   CD-Roms, commercials, magazines, T-shirts, the web, mobile
   phones and live performances. They can't be categorized in an
   existing frame.
   The new album "dELAwArE_S+rikeS_bAcK" and "AmeN" invites
   "+eX+_&_+He_SpeecHeS" who is a doo-wop group from silicon
   valley, Tohta Hasegawa (Tomato) and Koh Chihara. Also there's
   an extra CD-Rom for motion graphics.


   Takamasa Aoki's 4th album, "Quantum" was released on
   December 20th from a label, Cirque set up by Yoshihiro Hanno.
   Takamasa Aoki is an artist creating a new movement in the
   electronic music scene. This album for which he spent almost
   three years, can be described as "an art collection of sound" by
   focusing on his own firm artistic sense.
   This album brings you warm, gentle and beautiful sounds and
   tones caused by his experience and sense. Quantum is a quiet
   masterpiece which gives you confortable ambience.


   The online greeting cards designed by Stephane Manel can now
   be found at Shift Factory.
   He is an illustrator based in Paris, France known for his soft
   touch and elegant fashion illustrations. Five variations of his
   work are available. Send a new year message to your best
   friends with these amazing cards !


   Featuring street fashion photos from all over the world. Check
   cute girls in Sapporo.


   SAL magazine vol.10.

   For further information regarding advertisement,
   please inquire at ad@shift.jp.org

   If you don't want to join in the fun just reply with 'unsubscribe'
   in the subject line and we will remove you from the list.

Taketo Oguchi for Shift Magazine  http://www.shift.jp.org

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