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[rohrpost] FLOPPY2004-INVITE

"Floppy 2004 - the smell of data"

hosted by Jucke, Skyhawk, Taper & iopop.

Why?: There is no way back! LCP this summer (2003) was
so good that we just had to make another Floppy party. We
have witnessed a rise of the swedish scene in previous years,
and it's an ancient fact that regular meetings and parties
boost enthusiasm into sceners. We just wanted to throw a good
old c64-party, and we still do. Welcome to Floppy!

Same place?: Yeah, 4th time at Club TipTop in Helsingborg.
THE bassment complex located in the heart of the town where
you will be secretly isolated from the outside world with
your friends while at the same time being minutes away from
everything you might need. The TipTop club is a underground
music/dance club by default and the management are real and
nice people. The place is tough enough to handle a bunch of
piggy databoys one weekend, be sure.

How to Find?: Floppy is easy to find, located just a few
minutes walk from the Helsingborg Central Station "knutpunkten"
at Karlsgatan in a basement complex behind a cinema called
Röda Kvarn. Look out for our nice homemade Floppy-signs
attached to things on the streets from the station all
the way up to the partyplace or see mini-map! If you're
all confused and have a tendency to get lost, write down
the words "röda kvarn" on a little piece of paper, show
it to anyone on the streets and they will point you in
the direction. If everything still should fail, look into
nearby pizzerias and you will soon find people looking
data-suspicious. It's a small town.

When?: Fri Feb 27 - Sun Feb 29, in the very year of 2004.

Entrance Fee?: 80 swedish units.

Rules?: Do we look like your parents?

Compos?: Floppy Compos are the classic way, divided into
three different moments; Demo, Graphics & Music.
Saturday at midnight is showtime!, but in the meantime
there will be some classic game compos, (HatTrick, Fist etc)
so you can defend yourself and show the others who the
king of joysticks is.

Food&Drink?: Floppy is downtown Helsingborg so everything
you need is around the corner. But ofcourse, if you need
anything extraordinary (evil drinks etc) and you are not
swedishly prepared for the weekend, it is easy to grab a
20 minute ferry to the old hamlet town Helsingör of Denmark.

Extra Features?: Last year we served a free simple hotel
style breakfast the first morning. It created a nice
vibe so we will try something like that again. Apart from
that, we have decided not to disturb the natural data action
too much. Time is short and we want lots of quality data time.

Showers?: Not included. (for the original data smell)

Other formats?: Floppy is a true c64 party, but you can
bring whatever you want as long as it's lo-tech with SOUL.

Sleeping Facilities?: Are you getting old and lame and want
lots of comfort these days? (no names) Never forget that a
big part of the true party experience is sleeping at the
party and we offer you the opportunity. Be data - skip the
hotel, bring something Warm and Soft (cold concrete floors)
along and you can turn ANY space into your own cosy sleeping

Health & Safety Issues: Floppy is in a bassment and smoking is
allowed, so if you have breathing related problems you might
want to reconsider. The TipTop club has a good venting-system
but 48 hours of nonstop work with a place full of partying
nerds is tough work. Some non-smoking guests have complained
and we understand this, but the Tiptop is foggy by default and
we dont want to act like parents. Concerning your safety, If
anything happens, one of the Floppy crew-members will ALWAYS be
around, at all hours. We even stay awake when you sleep, just in
case. Our guests are our friends and we care about your safety
even from a personal standpoint.

Electricity?: Bring your own multi-sockets. We provide the
fuel for your blue screens.

For further questions, you are welcome to contact any of us.

"Jucke" e-mail: phone: +46-42-148669
"Skyhawk" e-mail: phone: +46-42-212064
"Taper" e-mail: phone: +46-42-70699
"Iopop" e-mail:
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