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[rohrpost] ATOPIA magazine no. 3 out now!





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Island no. 3 is out now!


                                        . .BABEL. .






The towers have crumbled... Can we really speak about the end of
vertical hierarchies, of centralized monopolizations? Could ATOPIA's
concept of a polylogic network of horizontal "islands" open new horizons
for an 'After Babel'?


 <http://www.atopiaonline.de/babel/marcoses.htm> "La nueva Babel. Entre
el maquillage y el clóset" Subcomandante Marcos (Chiapas/Mexico)

Why were the Twin Towers – more than anything else - seen as the symbol
of a unilateral world-wide hegemony? Why was the response to September
11 a war in former Babylonia?
[ <http://www.atopiaonline.de/babel/marcoses.htm> español][
<http://www.atopiaonline.de/babel/marcosit.htm> italiano][
<http://www.atopiaonline.de/babel/marcosfr.htm> français][
<http://www.atopiaonline.de/babel/marcosde.htm> deutsch][
<http://www.atopiaonline.de/babel/marcosen.htm> english] 

 <http://www.atopiaonline.de/babel/prete.htm> "Sulla traduzione" Antonio
Prete (Siena) 

to translate means to cast a doubt on the clear distinction between own
and foreign. As the comparatist and translator Antonio Prete argues,
translation could become the model for a practice of hospitality.
[ <http://www.atopiaonline.de/babel/prete.htm> italiano][
<http://www.atopiaonline.de/babel/pretedt.htm> deutsch] 

 <http://www.atopiaonline.de/babel/ruecke.htm> "Vor Babel türmen" Sven
Rücke (Berlin) 

Babel and Bible, Kant and Kafka, Descartes and Derrida are some
ingredients of Rücke's explosive cocktail on the Western "Will of

 <http://www.atopiaonline.de/babel/polylogic.htm> "Polylogik im Dialog"
Kiran Desai-Breun (Bombay/Erfurt) 

Logic seems to pertain to the utmost Western categories. The Indian
philosopher Kiran Desai-Breun questions the eurocentric assumption,
comparing classical Greek dialectics with the Indian logician school of
Nyaya. The comparison not only reveals analogies but also substantial

 <http://www.atopiaonline.de/babel/reichl.htm> "Orbiting around Unity"
Veronika Reichl (Berlin) 

Babel stands for dispersion and differentiation, but the myth of the
original unity mirrors a deep human longing. Veronika Reichl's
multimedia art tries to approach these tempting movements around an
impossible center. 
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[english <http://www.atopiaonline.de/babel/reichl.htm> ][deutsch
<http://www.atopiaonline.de/babel/reichlDE.htm> ] 




Next island out on February 15th 2003. Subject “IDentity / eyedentity”

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