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[rohrpost] personal invitation. roach-vernissage 11.12.03

  ubermorgen and monochrom invite you to the exclusive opening

                      shopping baskets

                 thursday, december 11th 2003

                         19:00 h cet

                       electric avenue
                       vienna /austria

  monochrom invited ubermorgen artists lizvlx, hans bernhard and
  billie-ada zora suzanne bernhard to design a gallery-space for

  "i think it's about time to herald the era of a new awareness
  in the human-cockroach-pixel-nature-relationship." (don balls)

  throughout history of art, the geographical centers of artistic
  creativity have often shifted over time. today we can say that
  for the first time, peripheral idioms claim an even more
  important role than ever before. this change will inevitably
  be reflected in the exhibition [f]originals - shopping baskets.

  . . . . . . . . .

  ubermorgen exhibition details:: :

  exhibition #12 will be running december 11th 2003 through
  january 14th 2004: ubermorgen [int.]: "[f]originals" //

  the displayed ojects are part of the large-scale "[f]originals"
  concept and show pixels the form of e-commerce shopping-baskets
  in three greyscales and black of the so-called "webcolors".

  the ubermorgen group has registered companies in germany,
  austria, switzerland and bulgaria. it describes "media-
  hacking" as its remit, and propagates its messages by means
  of chic and shock marketing. http://www.ubermorgen.com *

  for further information about the [f]originals show,
  mailto:andreas@hansbernhard.com or call +43 650 930 00 61

  . . . . . . . . .

  general specifica:: :

  http://www.monochrom.at/blattoptera is open for gallery
  visitors and online visitors [webcam] since january 16th
  2003. designs are exhibited for a month. the audience --
  consisting of 40 individuals / cockroach mommies, daddies
  and babies -- are fed fresh fruit daily.

  . . . . . . . . .

  non exhibition information

  due to the production of the the new lo-tech bio-artwork
  [billie-ada zora suzanne bernhard dob 08/2003], ubermorgen,
  represented by it's frontwoman lizvlx and superstar maniac
  hans_extrem, have been flying below radar for a 12 month period.

  ubermorgen will officially announce the birth of their daughter
  and the release of the 2004 ubermorgen site, including exciting
  new material: interviews, executed projects and exclusive
  pictures. for more necessary details and work-information,
  consult monopoly-google or visit http://ubermorgen.com/necessary


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