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[rohrpost] Radio Control Toy Helicopter (fwd)

etwas für die kunst-mädchen-in-miniröcken-sind-offene-systeme-nerds in 
dieser liste.

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Subject: Radio Control Toy Helicopter

Sky Pioneer RC Helicopter
Here is a flying machine like no other. The
Sky Pioneer R/C Helicopter is the best chopper we've ever seen. Even the
most inexperienced pilot should be able to get this chopper off the ground.
This radio control helicopter has been engineered to make flying easy for
kids and adults of all ages. The key is a new flight system called
"proportional control" which uses a trigger unit to regulate altitude and
speed. And the lightweight but durable construction means that even bad
pilots won't damage the helicopter if it nosedives into the ground.

Once airborne the helicopter will fly to heights of up to 50-70 feet, and
distances of 300 feet or more. The harder you squeeze the trigger, the
higher it flies. Ease off the trigger and the Sky Patrol will lose altitude
and start to turn. To make the helicopter hover in place, lightly squeeze
the trigger. Although recommended for outdoor flight only, we couldn't help
testing it out indoors as well. For a real treat, try hovering the Sky
Pioneer over a co-workers carefully stacked paperwork. Or, perhaps you
better just fly it outside.

Click Here:

Frequency: 27MHz
Press the accelerator button to fly higher
Press the brake button to land
Includes a stabalizing rear rotor for balance
Rotor designed with safety in mind
Easy to use controllers
Lifts straight off the launch pad
Contains NiMH battery pack
Can reach altitudes of 70 feet, and distances of 300 feet
100% pre-assembled, and ready to fly
360 Degree free control
Charges in minutes

Order Today!

Click Here:
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