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In tradition of art-squatting prora.allinclusive established a living
and working platform for artists, designers and anarchitects which is
temporarily installed in the vast debris of Prora. For the period July
15th to August 15th an international and interdisciplinary work camp is
set up in a three km long-run ruin and deals with specifics of this
unique environment in an artistic manner. We produce deconstruction, do
wall-paintings, damage the building, relax on the beach, play soccer,
arrange parties and debate with thirty artists from Poland, Austria,
Lithuania, Mexico, France, Portugal, Germany, UK, Hongkong and the
Netherlands. As a reallab, we set up a discourse on new models of
European Art Academy without institutional borders, seeking for
strategies of horizontal living, thinking on public geographics and
exploring a spatial future for prora.landscape.

The remains of former KdF bath Prora on the Rügen Island represent a
fragment of German history. Planned out by the German Nazis to be a
gigantic holiday resort for 20000 tourists in the course of Hitlers
propaganda program “Kraft durch Freude”, its construction was never
finished but stopped when the war started. After World War Two the
impressive ruin was restricted area and served as barracks for the East
German Army. Until today Prora appears as an alien structure, nor
building nor city, with its length of 3km in the landscape of the

As urban catalysts, we built up a MicroCity as Society using several
artistic strategies on life-saving in a ruin during the last weeks. We
put up installations to get water, mobile toilets, internet connection,
tables, shower and so on. Further, we got into art production; like
antcity, an indoor camp for three ant colonies  which was constructed by
Johannes Weisser and Martin Luce on 4th floor; it is the first time in
history of Prora that formerly KdF-Bad is claimed by 20000
(animal)tourists as it was planned in 30ies. Masstourism works! As well
as a control video camera affixed on self constructed huge dimensional
kite which flies 30m up in the sky over Prora ruin, and sends live film
data from air view directly on monitor into kitchen by Urs Amadeus
Ulrich. Or 250 balloons full of Helium which were put up into the sky of
Rügen by ten prora.members. Along attic of hole Block 5 (500m) they mark
the horizontal line of the ruin. In prora.presidentsuite, a room
including breakfast with two mattrasses, no window, one door,
foto-wallpaper and a light-rope, we are able to give prora.guests a rest
in Prora ruin. In combination with lecture and discussion we argued with
Ton Matton (Trendy Pragmatist / Rotterdam), Martin Köttering (President
HfbK / Hamburg), Julian Wagstaff (Composer / Edinburgh), Christian Lagé
(dostoprimetschatjelnosti / Berlin), Bernhard Strecker (Architect /
Berlin), authors from Bauwelt Architecture Magazine, TAZ, Freies Sender
Kombinat and several others.

prora.bakery - with selfmade tools, furniture as well as tins we bake
prora.cookies in facade lookalike. Also daily bread and fish is produced
in selfmade oven. - like a play based on a shortstory by Rosie Coke from UK
is produced on 3rd floor.
prora.emergencyroom - everybody who feels sick and lonely is invited to
rest in clinical white atmosphere. 
prora.indoorteam - has been assembled to play soccer in a prepared
stadium on 6th floor; but one member gets hurt during first training
prora.concerthall - like Thomas Staudenherz with his composition dealing
with micro-history of Prora in electronic audio patterns of musique
concrète style.
prora.chickenshed - called KDF - Küken der Freude; they are homebased in
a room on 5th floor. Every day there is an excursion for little hen`s
down to the beach.
prora.disco - named Tanztaverne Boddenblick. We are in use of
prora.dancefloor, a 30 m long run artificial track, which was
constructed by dus architects.
prora.madfashionhouse - opened by Renata from Lithuania on 4th floor;
every woman is asked to change own clothes with constumes from brand new
prora.depressionbar - depression spreads out within a minimalistic
design out of a bar table, a bench, a window, two lights, a small radio
and no barkeeper. 
prora.bowlinglane - set up on 5th floor with a range of 62m; it rumbles
and bangs around allover prora.landscape. 
prora.chapel - pure atmosphere to calm down under a double height
ceiling under the roof.

Marta Anuszewska / Warsaw / Poland / Industrial Design
Hedwig Heinsman / Delft / Netherlands / Architecture
Lu Yen / Hongkong / China / Sociology
Fernando Pizarro / Mexico-City / Mexico / Trash 
Rosie Coke / Falmouth / England / Light 
Katja Koggelmann / Hamburg / Visual Communication 
Julie Vayssiére / Strasbourg / France / Graphic Design 
Thomas Trinkl / Düsseldorf / Action 
Jurate Dauksyte / Vilnius / Lithuania / Textile
Thomas Staudenherz / Maastricht / Netherlands / Sound
Johannes Weisser / Hamburg / Architecture 
Martin Luce / Vienna / Austria / Urbanism
Annabel Lange / Karlsruhe / Alive Expert
Renata Urbanaviciute / Vilnius / Lithuania / Costume Design
Dina Boswank / Karlsruhe / Media Art
Arne Schneider / Stuttgart / Visual Communication 
Auguste Knust / Leipzig / Snack Bar Specialist
Bianka Rolando / Poznan / Poland / Graphic and Contextual Art
Sebastian Post / Hamburg / Anarchitecture
Hans Vermeulen / Rotterdam / Netherlands / Architecture
Martine de Wit / Rotterdam / Netherlands / Architecture
Hussam Naggar / Freiberg / Medicine and Art
Mathias Büttner / Hamburg / Germany / Text
Sebastian Niemann / Hamburg / Architecture and Urban Design
Stefanie Schröder / Greifswald / Art Paedagogics
Moki Kraft / Hamburg / Drawing
Julius Seyfarth / Hamburg / Directing
Tomè Moreira / Porto / Portugal / Photography
Urs Amadeus Ulbrich / Hamburg / Stage Design 

initiated by/// Institut für Raumfragen 
project coordinators/// Johannes Weisser, Katja Koggelmann, Martin Luce,
Julius Seyfarth, Sebastian Niemann, Sebastian Post
funded by/// Karl H Ditze Foundation
contact///  & +49.179.5154114
See newspaper article in TAZ.mag for further informations

announced as an official subsidiary of Hochschule für bildende Künste

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