Colonel/Thierry Geoffroy on Sun, 3 Aug 2003 10:41:38 +0200 (CEST)

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[rohrpost] Self Measurement of Germaness

Dear colleague ,

I like to sell to a german  media  my foto serie : Self Measurement of
Germaness ( 12 fotos  for exemple ) in order to have a good  mediatic
passage.I only exhibit fotography when it has been published .
 Could you  help me  with a contact personn to whom I could make this
"portofoglio -foto-serie  offer  ?
(1000 Euro for 12  fotos in small size without front page  )

about the serie to sell  :

Self Measurement of Germaness : RESULT OF THE MEASUREMENT .
189 people measured themselves in Berlin at Haus der Kulturen der Welt
during the "Kulturpolitischer Bundeskongress ". :

see exemple  at :

best regards

Thierry Geoffroy / Colonel

text about my work in the media by Inka Schubbe Sprengel museum :

Berlin :
until the 6/august  exhibition at Galerie Stueber/ Berlin
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