Andreas Broeckmann on Tue, 29 Apr 2003 12:41:03 +0200 (CEST)

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[rohrpost] REMOTE HOME berlin<>london

>  remote home <

interactive exhibition in raumlabor_studio (berlin)

03.05.05 - 18.05.03

"RemoteHome" is a flat share that will exist in two distant cities at the
same time: London and Berlin. Both spaces are electronically connected
through the Internet, to turn furniture and architectural elements into
tangible and sensual means of communication . Sensory and kinetic devices,
as well as an interactive light installation allow for the exchange between
this remotely living group of friends. A mobile wireless artefact, in the
shape of a transforming interactive bag, can be taken on journeys to stay
emotionally in touch with the RemoteHome.

The RemoteHome will for the first time be presented simultaneously in two
remote places: the Science Museum in London and the Raumlabor in Berlin.'
Tobi Schneider, architect, working at the Smart Institute in Stockholm
(where interdisciplinary teams work on projects examining the interface
between media, architecture and users) will present his work (in the Berlin
space) with respect to the installation.

remote opening:     sa. 03.05.03 14.00
remote talk:        mo. 05.05.03 18.30
remote lecture:     fr. 16.05.03 udk-berlin

further information:


info regarding the happyhours:


almstadtstr. 48-50
10119 berlin
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