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[rohrpost] Violence 6.1

Violence Online Festival v.6.1

Version 6.1 of Violence Online Festival
is launched on 25 April 2003
on occasion of the participation in
"Net Art Open 2003
Irish Museum of Modern Art (IMMA) Dublin

Violence Online Festival is
a New Media art project
reflecting the phenomenon of "Violence",
curated, organized and created in Flash by
Agricola de Cologne, curator and media artist operating
from Cologne/Germany. As an ongoing project
Violence Online Festival is developed for being
presented in future in the framework of physical and
virtual media festivals and exhibitions.
For each event a new project version will be created
adjusted to the actual needs
including additions of new artists/works
and other changes.

More details on
Version 6.1 of Violence Online Festival
includes some major changes and
works of following new artists:

*Mark G. Cooley, Sorana Tarus,
Jo-Anne Green and Helen Thorington (USA),
Maria Tjader Knight (Finland/Belgium)

*Violence Play Station
offers funny war games to all
who are not yet saturated to play war.

Hurray Violence!! page -
featuring periodically projects included in Violence Online Festival

*Hurray Violence!! 002
is featuring Mark G. Cooley's work
warProductwar entry #1: the Good, Bad and the Profitable: or 54321
just go to:

""warProductwar: Is an ongoing internet based meditation on U.S. war
culture. Entry #1, the Good, Bad and the Profitable, is a noninteractive
timebased montage that explores media representations, classic american
mythology, and the material remains of "free" enterprise war culture."

Mark Cooley is a new genre artist and co-founder of artOfficial Construction
Media (acm).  He is currently assistant professor of digital imaging at
Southwest Missouri State University


The list of all 270 participating artists from 40 countries
and all past and present presentations
can be found on


technical requirements
optimized for VGA resolution 1024x768
PC Pentium III 600 Mhz or better or comparable MAC
Soundcard, recommended 56K or 64K modem or faster,
browsers: MS Internet Explorer 5.5+ or Netscape Navigator 6.0+
Players/Plug-ins: essential the latest Flash 6,
Shockwave, Real Player, Quicktime, Cortona

Violence Online Festival
text, conception, programming, visalization
curator, organizer = Agricola de Cologne -
*copyright © 2002-2003 . All rights reserved.
*copyright © of all art works of
 the participating artists hold the authors or owners.

NewMediaArtProjectNetwork - the experimental platform
for the arts in Intenet is founded and created by
Agricola de Cologne.
copyright © 2000-2002 by Agricola de Cologne. All rights reserved.

Special thanks to:

Fatima Lasay -
DMF2002 Festival/University of the Philippines
Nisar Keshvani
fineArt forum = art + technology netnews

Violence Online Festival


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