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[rohrpost] MEDIUM ARCHITECTURE / Bauhaus-Uni.Weimar, April 24th–27th

Transitions in Architectural Discorse 

Bauhaus-Universität Weimar 
April 24th–27th 2003


The Bauhaus-Colloquium is an international conference held in Weimar in 
regular intervals since 1976. As an interdisciplinary forum, the colloquium 
sets out to discuss major issues relevant to the contemporary architectural 
debate. The aim of the conference Medium Architecture in 2003 is to 
ask if and how architecture functions under the present cultural,
technological and economic conditions as a medium and as a language. In this 
context, we are interested in architecture as a medium, in architecture in 
the media and in the modern technologies and new media as they bear on 
architectural production. The conference will be held over four days. The 
afternoon sessions will showcase invited academics of international 
standing. In the morning sessions younger scholars will deliver papers on
related topics. 

Lectures by:

Jean Baudrillard, Beatriz Colomina, Kurt W. Forster, Oliver Grau, Klaus
Herding, Joseph Rykwert, Joan Ockman, Rupinder Singh, Beat Wyss, Petr
Kratochvil, Antoine Picon, Gerd Zimmermann, Bernhard Siegert, Stanislaus
von Moos, Lorenz Engell, Joseph Vogl, Adrian Forty, Maddalena Scimemi,
Catherine de Smet, Kojin Karatani, Georges Teyssot, Mario Carpo, Arie
Graafland, Joachim Krausse, Kari Juhani Jormakka, Anthony Vidler, George

Prof. Dr. Gerd Zimmermann 
Chair in Theory of Architecture and Design 
Prof. Dr. Marco De Michelis 

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