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[rohrpost] Ranulph Glanville in Berlin

Im Rahmen des Seminars von Peter Bexte zu

    Second Order Cybernetics


einer ihrer originellsten und umtriebigsten Denker,
zu Gast an der Humboldt-Universität.


    Humboldt Universität Berlin
    Institut für Kultur- und Kunstwissenschaften
    Sophienstr. 22A
    Mo 5. Mai, 18-20:00 Uhr / Raum 411

Zum Seminar:

Zu Glanville:


Ranulph Glanville - Research

1970 Technical Evaluation and Review of "Domino" Timber Building System for
oy Alstrom ab, Varkaus, Finland

1971-1975 Research for Ph D (Cybernetics) under Prof Gordon Pask at Brunel

1972 Experimental Design "The Effect of Learning Style on Performance under
Stress" for System Research Ltd., under contract to USAF

1972-1978 Development of Theory of Model Dimensions and its Realisation in a
Computer Programme with PJA

1973-1991 Research into design education and spatial perception at
Architectural Association and Portsmouth Polytechnic (now the University of

1974-now Research into fundamental cybernetic Objects at Brunel University,
Architectural Association and Portsmouth Polytechnic

1976 Research into active analogue memories with Professor R Gregory, Brain
& Perception Laboratory, Bristol University

1976-1988 Research for Ph D (psychology) under Dr L Thomas at Centre for the
Study of Human Learning, Brunel University

1978-1988 Research into theories of observation and representation, with
special reference to Black Box Theory, Portsmouth Polytechnic

1979 Development of software design for Architect's Offices with The OFFICE

1980-now Research into the relationship pertaining between cybernetics,
design & science, Portsmouth Polytechnic

1981-1985 Initiation of, making and directing students in making research
videos about research methodology in Architecture and the Social Sciences,
with applications, University of Amsterdam and Portsmouth Polytechnic

1984-1988 Development of notions +, 0 and -- space, Portsmouth Polytechnic

1985-1993 University of Amsterdam: member of development team for the Dutch
Government funded research programme, OOC Program ("Support, Survival and
Culture"), and project member consultant and advisor, Ph D selection and
supervision panel 

1985-1989 Research into "Impossible Worlds", University of Amsterdam,
Portsmouth Polytechnic

1986 Research into children's perception of home, Portsmouth Polytechnic

1991 Senior Resident Research Fellow, OOC Program ("Support, Survival and
Culture"), University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands

1991-now Research into the Development of the Uses of Computing as a Medium:
and the Comparison of different Architectural Media of Representation,
University of Portsmouth (and various informal partners abroad)

1992-now Investigation of Sharing, Design and Creativity Amplification
through Computing, University of Portsmouth (and various informal partners

1993-1995 Implementations of Aspects of Pask's Learning Theory
(ThoughtSticker/CASTE), University of Portsmouth

1993 Cross-platform Use of Computers in the Development of Architectural
Design Ideas, Bialystok Polytechnic University, Poland

1994-1997 Survey of Use of Representational Media in Architecture,
University of Portsmouth, carried out with Universities abroad

1994 Assessment of Full Scale Laboratory, at Vienna University of
Technology, University of Portsmouth

1995 Comparison of Effectiveness of CAD and Endoscopic Models in Developing
and Assessing Design Proposals, at Tampere University of Technology,
University of Portsmouth

1995-1997 Origination, Development and Co-ordination of Research Application
to European Union (Training and Mobility of Researchers Programme under the
4th Directive) on "The Use of Computers to Enhance Creativity", University
of Portsmouth and de Montfort University, together with the following:
Liverpool John Moore's University (all in the UK), Technical Universities of
Tampere (Finland), Lund (Sweden), Vienna (Austria), Chalmers Technical
University (Sweden), Sint Lucas (Belgium), Centre for Innovation and
Co-operative Technology (Holland); IBM UK scientific research centre and
KOZO (Europe) ab; and architectural practices. Application submitted.

1996-1997 Advise, Direct and Implement Research programme on the
Organisation of Accounts of Architectural Designs at de Montfort University,
with the School of Architecture and Educational Technology Group.

1999-2001 Development of ACCOLADE programme (workshop conference and
publication) as industrial partner, in collaboration with the Saint Lucas
Architecture School, Brussels, with funding from the European Union. 

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